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This discussion is where you can post pretty simple banner requests. like if you just want to see a banner for a certain actor, singer, band or song, on here, just say, for example, "I'd like to see some A Day to Remember banners please. they are a band" or I'd like to see some Jeremy McKinnon banners. he is the lead singer of A Day to Remember" or "i'd like to see kristen stewart banners. she is an actress"(duh!) or "i'd like to see some banners for the song Rebel Love Song by Black Veil Brides". do you get it?

Example: I would like to see some A Day to Remember banners.they are a band. i'd like the lyrics "Let's leave no words unspoken, and save regrets for the broken." thank you!

that example is acually my request so please if you would, attemt to do this order:) 



Now, you guys may post your requests:)


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come one guys! i think this woulld be fun, dont you?

XD kate, you are AHHHMAZING! love the banner!


and ill try your request when i can =) even if theres other people who do it

incase any of you were wondering, the guy in the GIF up there is Jeremy McKinnon from A Day to Remember <3

here kate=)

your welcome kate!



comer on guys! i will love you forever!

I would like a Black Veil Brides banner or pop-out. Either would be fine. For the text I would like lyrics from their song: Set The World on Fire. I would preferably have the quote (from the song) "So sing it loud you hold the key. We're the rebals and we're free. It's time to burn all that you see. Now the world belongs to me. " OR THE CHORUS........BUT.! If your idea for the banner matches a different part of the song better that's cool too. :) I honestly don't care. I love BvB. Haha. All their songs are amazing.! <3 xx


OH.! Another lyric form the song you could do is "Proud in all you are. Show them every scar, as your badge of honor.When you can't take anymore of what they're living for. Set the World on Fire."

I'll do it! quick question, what do you want to be addressed as? lol cuz i still wanna call u scarlett, but i dont know if you prefer juliet, or what. lol



It doesn't matter call me either one :) xx

ok, i will start on your order now



P.S. guys, just because another artist has already done an order doesnt mean you cant do the same. the point of this discussion is so that the customer can have many results =3

Wow! Where have you been hiding this?

hardly anyone has ever commented on it so its been in the back pages with all the discussions no one remembers :(

Now I know to look for this!


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