The Twilight Saga

Alrighty Guys this is a Challenge but there will be no winner for we all shall win!

Ok what I'm going to do is start the graphic off.

And we will all take turns adding to it ok.


Things to Remember:

This the Graphic Train and not a competition,

Be mindful of other members work,

Do not cover anyone esle additions.

This is a group effort

Remember that this is for fun.


There will be no more list as long as everyone can go by what's above!







Cycle 1:

Cycle 2:

Cycle 3:


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After Aria

Okeii. Thanks Zanica.!


I just noticed that on our second image up there, the text is a little hard to see. Should we save the images as .xcf files and just attach them to our replies that way things like text can be brought to the front so they're not obscured?

thats a good idea.

but we arent suspose to do this as its our own, its like a group effort. thats why it looks like that because we had people trying to finish the banner before it got down to out last two or three people. but you can to the gimp image and attach it.



beautiful Avi btw

I know, but shouldn't all parts of the group effort be visible and equally important? 

Thanks, I've had the same one for a while, I thought it was time for a change. 

I wanna join this round :3

when can i go?

Should we just restart a graphic? 

lets keep things going guys




May I join Zanica?


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