The Twilight Saga

Again, this is a super easy challenge!

Just make ANYTHING that has to do with Halloween!

Here are some ideas in case you are stuck!

  • Halloween themed movies
  • Halloween themed television shows or episode specials
  • Halloween themed songs
  • Halloween themed books
  • Or maybe your favorite Halloween characters (vamps, werewolves, witches, zombies, etc)
  • Maybe who or what you are or would like to dress up as
  • Your favorite Halloween candies
  • Make a photo of someone into a vampire or zombie

Please provide a description of why it is one of your favorites!

* Reminder

There needs to be at least six entries total to vote!

This comp ends on November 8th!

That is almost one month! 

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Victor and Victoria are from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

I consider Corpse Bride to be a Halloween themed movie because of it's content you know, the dead, the corpses, the spooky / creepy manner that the movies carries throughout it.

It is my favorite for some personal reasons that I don't care to go into detail about, but I had a friend who passed away this year who was literally the spitting image of Victor. 

This friend was a HUGE Tim Burton fan also so. =)

So this is why I chose to use this banner. =D

I adore this movie and this banner is magical! 

And I'm sorry to hear about your friend ♥

Thanks so much Juliee!!!! <3

Sally's Song featuring Clara and the Doctor!

This is amazing Claire I love the idea and you did an amazing job bringing to life 

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you think so! It was sort of a spur of the moment idea and I'm glad it worked out! xD

I Finally Made Something For This Challenge and I'm so excited it didn't come out have as awful as i thought it was going to be :) 

This is SO beautiful!!!

LIGHTING. jbfakhabfm It's so perfect!

This is SO gorgeous Eva!!!


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