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Hi! This is my gallery. And this is where I'm going to post what I make -- obviously. I make a lot of things though. I also love color editing.

Things I've Made

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Original is here.

Edited her:

  • hair
  • eyes
  • lips

omg, wut did i do?

lets see;

I used Angel Wing brushes making the pictures like that

I used the fonts: Skinny (and) Never Let Me Go

And that's Logan Lerman and Elle Fanning. :)


It's my lover.

This was for a rp.

And Jace Wayland.

Even though Alex won't be playing him.

Maybe Jamie Campbell-Bower will grow on me.

Photoshop is brilliant, indeed!

I love this graphic. :)

I know. I was upset when I heard he won't be playing him.

I expected him to. He can be arrogant and cocky and he's very good-looking on top of all that.

But maybe Jamie will grow on all the TMI fans who were wishing for Alex.


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