The Twilight Saga

Thanks to everyone for their patience. Personal dramas and lost notebooks derailed my plans to send prizes in a timely manner. I will be contacting all winners this week. 


Round One Winners (drawn from a hat):  Leah; Nikki; Love Doesn't Always Last Forever (2x); Claire; Bruises and Bitemarks; Kara Sanctuary; Dream <3 (Hope); Little Miss Alice; BeAwareOfCancer 

Round Two Winners: 

Screams Halloween the Loudest: Crazi Cullen; 

Bestest Halloween Gif: Juliee; 

To Die For Vampire Chick: Kelsey; 

Date from Hell: Molly Greeves; and 

Judge's Personal Favorite: Freddy! by Scarlett

The Friday-Before-Halloween (Breaking Dawn Soundtrack) drawing:  lεαh {ℓᾆnḍsḽỉdἐbṛougḩẗmἐdoᾣn} 

Saturday Nite Surprise picks: Love Doesn't Always Last Forever and Changez <3

Sunday Nite Funnies picks: Love Doesn't Always Last Forever, Little Miss Alice and Inuyasha


Mwahahaaaaa Monday drawing**: BeAwareOfCancer, Nikki, the Vampire Group**


Pyre Farwell, Red Riding Hood (Jacob's favorite);

Little Miss Alice, Edward (Rosalie said, "This is why Edward is so annoying.");

Nikki and Molly, Twilight Hands with the pumpkin (Edward says great minds think alike.);

Juliee, Jullie says Happy Halloween (Alice likes the outfit.);

Scarlett, the ones with the Grudge girl (Emmettt says, "Rosalie looks like that in the dark."Rosalie wants to know if someone will put a target on her Emmett.")

LoveDoesn'tAlwaysLastForever, Ghost Dogs & Twilight Jack-o-lantern (Bella says, "Don't let the Pack fool you, if they show up at your door; they are all too old for Trick or Treat."); and 

Draco's a Daddy's Boy, Alec (Jasper says, "You can always count on the Volturi to show up at the last minute.")


Lucky voters: LoveDoesn'tAlwaysLastForever and Pyre Farwell



Best Werewolf, Monster or Undead Zombie: 

Best Vampire:

Best Witch:

Most Scary:

Too Beautiful for Halloween:

Most Halloween Spirit: (this is for a banner maker or someone who contributed gifs and/or videos)

Best Halloween Video:

Special Category: Write-In! Invent a category and name the winner. The person who submits the most creative category and the person they chose will win an awesome prize.

Sending a big thanks to Nikki for this video


**If you won Mwahahaaa Monday or the Cullens Favorite Holiday Pick,**  

select a pair eyes from the pic below and post or email me

 the corresponding number.  

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Wow that's sweet! Love the eyeball watching everything.

Happy Halloween :)

im not sure how manny entries we are allowed, but i have far lol

haha i like the scary-ish one (//_^)


entry one:



entry two:

she's not who she says she is


entry three:

you have to kill to live

Whoa! these are scary... all of them! Enter as often as you like!
thanks and YAY! (//_^)
oooh i loooooooove the last one
The forbidden fruit just got bigger and more dangerous than ever! :D

OKeii my fourth (first on this comment lol) entry not so sure on, but oh well lol

Girls, don't always play nice


Entry five~

Will blood drip from these hands?

entry six~

Freddy's coming

*screams*  totally scary!!
Not really sure what catagory this fits in....


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