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Hello Everyone, I hope no one gets made at me but I need a Harry Potter Banner, 


Title: Harry Potter

Quote: Neither can live while the other survives 













( Don't use all of them please, and if you want you can change the pictures, I do not really care which pictures you use as long as they are Harry Potter. ) 


Need By: 8/30/11 



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I'm making one :D

this a lot of fun to make.... :D


I confess I am a huge HP fan and I absolutely love making banners for which I can retouch and hand draw many of the graphic elements.
I LOVE THIS!!! I saw HP part 2 and I loved it.
OMG andra thats amazing!!! It looks liek voldermorts heads exploding XP
Exploding head was exactly what I wanted.. glad you like it!
Is This Okay?
I like it! Well-organized, complimentary color and value, balanced, and the font is fantastic. The only thing I am so-so about is that the font hides part of the face in the upper right panel, although it looks like he could be screaming cause he's getting poked in the eyes. Hehehe! So maybe I do like that. :D  Overall... nice work!
Thank You :)
Thanks :D
Hey Together Forever! Is your contest still open?


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