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Okay so I realized, that we have music competitions often, but often they are over artists and styles of music rather than specific songs and concepts. So here's one.

The Heartbreak Challenge.

As obvious, this challenge, is to pick your favorite heartbreak/breakup/etc. song. And make a banner expressing it. The banner may include whatever you wish (as long as it is TTS and group approved no duh). Entries must include:

1. Banner (creators name in corner)

2. Song Lyrics

3. Link to Song/MP3 player (like billy or flash or soundcloud or something)



1. Best Song Interpretation
2. Creative Banner
3. Metaphors
4. Love

5. Fan Favorite (Banner)
6. Fan Favorite (Song)

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Replies to This Discussion

What a great idea for a challenge Hunter!

Is there a limit for number of entries?

No Limit on Entries,

Thanks for entering~

WOAH PEOPLE ACTUALLY ENTERED THIS o.o thank you all~ lovely entries O:O


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