The Twilight Saga

Names Hope and this is my banner shop.

I am still learning and trying my best.



Form for them:

What is it for:

What is the Tittle:

Text you would also want:

Extar stuff I should know:

Pics(Please not to many):


Thanks :)


Orders I'm doing:


Done Orders:


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I'm now open for bussiens so order :)

Cool! I'd like a skinny mocha latte with a shot of sugar-free gingerbread. Seriously... an icon that says ' caffiend' and /or C8H10N4O2 (the chemical formula for caffeine) 




lol and okay 

thanks for ordering :)

i am done :)

I make 2 really simply and then I played around with the other 2 if you don't like any of them or want me to change one just tell me and I'll fix it :)

Wow wow wow wow! I'm am so going to use each and every one of them.  And dang, you're fast.
:) Glad you like them.Lol they would have been here faster but my little brother wouldn't gave me the computer I need to do them for a hour or two.

Isn't that the girl on Pretty Little Lairs :)

And cool I'll have it done tomorrow cause I can't be on the computer that long to night cause I was on to long yesterday :)

Done :)

Hows this 

Tell me if you want me to change anything I was going to do a little more but my computer was being annoying

Carl: "Shhhh, do you hear that? That's the sound of forgiveness"

Paul: "That's the sound of people drowning, Carl"

Carl: "That's what forgiveness sounds like.. Screaming and then silence"

Hehe I don't know why I put that :)

As I said the computer was being annoying and your welcome though! :P

Your wonderful!!

Okay Thanks for ordering I should have it done by tomorrow or Wedusday.

Sorry it take so long I had to do some stuff.I hope you like it.Tell me if you want me to change anything :)


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