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Hello! This is my Idol/Role Model Challenge^-^ It's actually pretty self explanatory, you just make a graphic for your Idol/Role Model. 

~If you don't know what an idol or role model is, it's basically a person who has helped or inspired you in some way~

Also, please include an explanation of why that person/group is your idol/role model.


1) Follow all TTS and TGBT rules

2) Explanation should be included

3) Unlimited entries(if you have more than one idol or just want to make multiple for one idol)

4) Challenge is on-going

5) Have fun!

6) Rules are subject to change

For example:

Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens is my idol because he helped me through a really tough time in my life&is currently still helping me. SWS's music is very helpful&inspiring, I have many quotes saved from their songs that have helped me along the way. Kellin is ultimately the most inspiring person I've ever known. I honestly have no idea where I'd be without Kellin&Sleeping With Sirens.


And that's basically it:) if you have any questions, just ask. 



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Omg, I must enter. I'll make my entry  ASAP.

Me too!


My idol is a person called Bang YongGuk, previously known in the underground hip-hop scene as Jepp Blackman. This kid (why do i call him a kid he's like 8 years older than me... >> megh it's his personality) serious is the best. Actually his newest career is in an idol group (what mainstream groups are called in korea) called B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) which still have a hip-hop feel to them (well besides their repackaged song Crash...). Anyway I should probably get to the point as to why this boy means the world to me. During the time that B.A.P debuted is when i found out about him, it was also around the time my dad had been living in Georgia for about half the year and they had JUST announced the divorce a few days earlier. I don't know what it was about YongGuk during the interviews and their different songs. I guess it was the fact that he was just so genuine and basically didn't try to fake anything. Especially with mainstream K-pop in korea, many of the interviews are scripted, TS Entertainment (the company B.A.P is under) is one of the few that has a no-script policy. It's nice watching them because you know you're acutally watching what their like. I found a safe haven in Gukie, he became my strength durring that transition. <3

Awesome, Hunter:) No-scipt policies are the best. I love watching Sleeping With Sirens interviews and thinking 'wow, they'r really just fun, amazing people." Thanks for entering, and feel free to enter again if you want:)

*Credit Claire for texture*

Cher Lloyd is my idol.

She has matured so much, as I have.

But she's taught me that it's okay to be a little nuts.

And it's okay to cry when things go wrong.

I love Cher <3

Nice job, Nikki:) I love people like that. those you can really relate to and have helped you better understand things and helped you know that it's okay to be different:) Honestly, That's what Sleeping With Sirens & Kellin have done for me:) I love them so much<3

*Credit to Eva for the texture

Nina Dobrev is my idol

She's taught me that life will always get better

And also that life goes on

Nina is such an inspiration to me

great job Elena:)


Hey guys, i notice this discussions been  a little dead, so lets revive it! Remember, you can enter as many times as you want & anyone can enter:)

Taylor Momsen is my role model.

I admire her because she does what she wants not thinking about what everyone thinks of her since she's just being herself.

I also love her music! TPR rocks!!


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