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hey :) how's my banners comming?.
Yes, indeed she does!

Hi, could I have a banner for my fanfic please?

Title: I Predict A Riot

Author: Emelinee

Quote: "There is no shame to be found in loving the one you hate."

Colour Scheme: Don't mind.

Pictures: Attached as files.



Hey, could you make a banner for me, for my fanfiction on (I will probably have lots more orders coming soon)? I have a different username on there.

Title: Sweeney Todd 2: The Barber's Apprentice

Author: Partyhard Drunkard XD

Quotes: to repeat itself.

Color Scheme: Really dark, angry, dangerous, yet sad, and if you can, can you put blood spatters?



Extra: If you can make Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett a little bit faded out, and ghost looking (cuz in the ff, they are Ghosts), can you?


P.S.  I have a movie order coming, too.  :D

Title: The Ghosts of Fleet Street

Author: Partyhard Drunkard XD

Video Description:  First of all, the FF isn't done yet, but I know what's going to happen, I'm just too lazy to type it up.  haha  I would like it to be like a movie trailer, with instrumental music.  The story is about two teen girls, Brandi (Leighton Meester) and Billie (Kristen Stewart), who during Summer Break, they go over to London.  Brandi came up with the crazy idea to have a sleepover/paranormal investigation in Sweeney Todd's barber shop, and Mrs. Lovett's meat pie emporium.  They go inside, and at first it was just parlor tricks.  But, things start to go from a little creepy when Brandi hears a scream, goes up to the barbershop, and gets cornered by the ghosts of Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett.  She finds out Billie was kidnapped, and that Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett have her strapped to a chair, and that there are zombies all around her.  This takes place in the bakehouse.  Next, Brandi has to save Billie and herself, and get out of the barbershop/meat pie emporium alive....................................................................They don't survive.  They get killed, and are stuck in the Barbershop/Meat Pie Emporium on Fleet Street forever.

Song: You can use the songs from the actual Sweenet Todd trailer. the music from 0:38 seconds to 1:07 would be good, and then the song from 1:51 to the 2:16.  I would like the trailer about 2:30 long, so if you need to loop some stuff, to fit, then that would be fine.

Link to FF:

Video clips you want me to use (from youtube, etc.):  Anything with Johnny Depp's version of Sweeney Todd in it, anything with Helena Bonham Carter's version of Mrs. Lovett in it.  You can use quick shots of Bellatrix, if you want.  You can use some shots of The Messengers (as long as Kristen Stewart is in it.  I would really like the scene, where the zombie things grab her and pull her down the stairs.)  Anything from The Roomate (as long as Leighton Meester is in it, like when she is banging on the door, screaming).  You can use some audio from Paranormal Activity (when the girl is screaming bloody murder, haha), or you can use the audio from the Friday the 13th trailer when the girl is screaming "Help me, AAAAHHH!!!!" at the very end.  And, you can use any shots of things moving by themselves (for the fact that Sweeney and Mrs. L are ghosts).


So, are you up to the task?  haha, I think you are.  :D

Hey I have a video Order for you Hermione :))


Title:What If?(Hermione/Embry Story)

Author:Elizabeth Swann Turner and Crew

VideoDescription: It has to be between 2 and 4 minutes long, some musical instrument music in the back prefereable classic, you can chosse from Muse sympanomy 3-Redemention and something from Mozart. Any this this fanfic is About Hermione and Embry. Hermione and friends go to La Push/Forks for the summer  to make new friends an meet new people but instead Hermione falls in love with the Werewolf Embry, they both have secrets, she is a witch and he is a werewolf. will their love last?   Could you please incudle subtitles in the clip so  it looks like Hermione and Embry are talking. Qoutes for the Video-I Love you,Please Don't leave, Can True Love really exist between a witch and a Werewolf?


Song:I will be by Avril Lavigne

Link to FF:

Video clips you want me to use (from youtube, etc.):Wolfs running in the woods, Any clips of Hermione and any of Embry you can find, its to be based as a trailer for my fanfic :)) thank you

Hey! What's up? Can I order a profile pic for role play? It needs to say Heidi and Vamps run faster! Thanks! Let me know when you're finished. There's no hurry.

i have a movie request! it needs to be like a movie trailer please

title: Why Do You Love Me?

author: writer4life

video description: this girl considered a nerd, penny creek (nina dobrev),its the same girl that plays elena but not elena, is falling for a guy named damon salvatore(the vampire diaries), but she doesnt show it, because he is popular and keeps asking her out. she thinks hes trying to trick her, but she finally caves. then she gets his phone and hears a voice mail from his ex and she dumps him. from there im not 100% sure, but i have a general idea. he tells  her hes a vampire to show her he doesnt lie to her. she fears  him then. but when he gets a rare vampire illness, that even he doesnt know how he got it, he ha thirds a high risk of dying and she regrets hating him. but will he survive to live a life with her?

song: something with a romantic yet sad and angry feel to it

link: i dont have one

videos:title stuff,  first, from 1:17 to 1:20 second, from 7:15 to 7:18 third, starting at 1:25 and ending at 1:29 fourth music stops from 1:53 to 1:57 fifth something of elena crying for a couple seconds. then the end. if you need extra just add couple stuff of damon and elena or angry stuff of elena toward damon.


i know its a large order so take your time, and i understand if you cant do it

Don't forget to enter the Twilight Graphics, Banners and Tutorials layout comp. Get the details here.

Character Banner

Name: Caroline Forbes

Quote(s): It took for her to become immortal before she acted human

Color Scheme: Any


Name: Tyler Lockwood

Quote(s): Afraid of what he becomes

Color Scheme: Any


FF Banners:

Title: The Fairy and The  Major

Author: Fleur24 (me)

Quote(s): "She was truely meant for him. She never felt anything half heartedly. Her emotions were raw, deep, and powerful."

Color Scheme: mostly light colors with darkness looming in the background





















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