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  • Movies for your Fan Fiction!

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Banners anyone?


Title-Wolverine's Past Unleashed

Author-Elizabeth Swann Turner and Crew

Quotes-Can True Love Really Last?

Old Love Returns?

Can Love be the Cure?

Theme-Dark and Light


Title:Thinking Of You

Author:Elizabeth Swann Turner and Crew

Quotes:Love Can Find you Anywhere/Enemies or Not?

Color Scheme:Light


On it!!!!
thanks :))

Hey, do you have an example for your movies? Just wanted to know. :)

Not yet - in fact, the first order would be my first attempt! xD

But an idea of what it might look like is this (this is a rp video from another site, but i would make mine a bit awesomer xD)

i have posted a banner request on your dream banner page in the fanfiction part. do i need to move it to here or leave it there

Move it here ;)
yeah definitely move it cause we don't know when TSS will pull our plug

Not yet - in fact, the first order would be my first attempt! xD

Oh, well in that case...!

Title: Living Nightmare

Author: A.M. Lemons

Video Description:

                        [This will be long] Well, I would like it to almost be a movie trailer, with instrumental music (I'll put it below). This is a Twilight Fan Fiction, and so Edward, and the Cullens would be a part of it (still partial to Jacob). However, there is no Bella. Perhaps videos of the girl who played Bella in Vampires Suck?

                        Anyways, the story is about a girl named Alison Garcia, who hates Twilight, but suddenly the fictional character, Edward Cullen, appears. Not only does she find out that Twilight is actually true, but that she is the *cough cough* reincarnation of Bella. The only way that she can sbring him back to life is by re-enacting the jump, which ultimately killed Bella in the beginning. In the end, she becomes a fan. :)

[Sorry that was so long, but I just thought I'd give you a good description :)]

Song: Cosmic Love by Florence and The Machine

Link to FF: Unfortunately, I have to re-post it. :) But I should have it up soon. If you need a copy of it, I can attach it to this order.

Video Clips you want me to use: Um, anything Edward Cullen (preferably those mirage-like clips from New Moon), Bella jumping, and anything of Bella from Vampires Suck. :) Oh, and plenty of nature shots!


I trust you to make the best damn video of all time (whoa, pressure O.O)! Good luck, and I hope you have fun with this order!


Moonpies and soda,


Yay! movie order =P

So, does Alison look like Bella, I'm asuming?


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