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I got this idea from Duck's How Have You Improved? discussion. In hers it says that you need to remake the first banner you made, well in a lot of cases, we don't have to photos again.

So I decided to post a discussion where you can post your first banner(s) and some new/recent ones to show how you've improved. =)

You can post as many banners as you like to demonstrate how far you've come. =)


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wow those recent ones are beautiful :) you done a good job from when you started, they are really lovely, all of them

Old Graphics:


Recent Graphics:

Older Banners: 

Reccent Graphics 

My Frist Fully Gimp Banner :D

So this is an interesting discussion. 

My First Graphics:

Enough Pain for the viewer! Now, the work I do today!

cool Nikki!  

Thanks Annie

O.o You realize all my old banners were on my old computer and so I have like NONE of them now? But since i can't show you guys ALL my improvements, why not just the ones I have had on GIMP, this is my GIMP experice from when i first got it to i think the end of January o.o but er... here ya go?

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Oh hadn't seen this until now! XD

I'm kind of scared to show my old work, but here goes:


Okay I think we've had enough of my old work for a lifetime XD
Here's some of my more recent work :)

Talk about improvement Haha XD 


GAH! simply GORGEOUS Minnie! XD If there was an award for "Most improved" It would DEFINITELY go to you!

Wow this is a great discussion, it's nice to see before banners

and now banners.

Everyone has done such a great job :) and have progressed, these banners are all amazing, I wish I could be that talented lol but I am not so good with banners, Good job everyone


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