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Okay so There might be some mistakes....One more person voted when i was making the winner banners I don't believe there was a mager changed but here they are and below are the votes ;D

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I'll definately enter!

My first banner is all about hope. Demi Lovato's song Skyscraper is all about her journey through rehab, and how she always had hope, and so did her fans.  : )

pretty Nikki :D
Thank You
I'm doing this one.  :D

My banner focuses on Ariana Grande. She's a huge inspiration because she's ambitious, determined and endearing. She became extremely successful when she was very young; all because of raw talent and a positive perspective.


(Texture: Mine)

Thanks!!!! ♥
Looks great :D
GAH! I LOVE Ariana Grande! She is gorgeous and has a great personality, not to mention and AMAZING voice! =D This is also a gorgeous banner. =)

i picked jason derulo because of his creativity. he can turn a simple thing in life to a song (ex: what if, whatcha say, in my head) he can do alot with his music he can turn a trip to a bar into a song (dont wanna go home) he can show the limit of inspiration (skys the limit) he can show how good life is solo (ridin solo) so yeah...thats why i picked him :)


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