The Twilight Saga

Hey all! so this is the rules they are simple.. read the story make a banner, with your best take on the story.


"I dont know what your talking about." I smiled as the doctor spoke to me, i avoided  his eyes looking around the padded room,the white cliche clothes. He asked the same questions everyday"Savannah, what happened that summer, How?" over and over his questions repeated him my mind as the flashback started.


Her face bloody and bruised, her lifeless body lay in front of me and the worse betrayal ever lingering in the back of my mind, The only one i had trusted, He held my heart in his hand and he didn't wait to stab it, My sister laying there, dead. Tears rolling down my cheeks, For many reasons,My twin, my sister,my best friend, she lay dead in front of me and there was nothing could do, i thought as i sat in front of her, and worst of all He had been the one to stop me, he prevented me from saving her, i never thought he would, i trusted him completely and he broke it. My Mother would be so disappointed if she was still around, My brother and her had been the ones that taught me how to fight, but Wyn she couldn't fight for the world, but still yet she was my sister, and no matter how i acted i loved her.


"Savannah!" the doctor called"You with me?" he questioned, he always asked questions. Most of the time it got annoying, but i could deal.

"Yeah, yeah, im alive, Doc" i smirked a bit at my last comment.

"Well, have a good evening Ms.Whine" He closed the door behind him, a few hours before the crap they called food here would arrive, so i decided to try and get out again..i banged my fist against the door"Let me out,Let me out!" i called, then suddenly i was back to that night.."Please" the tears strolled down my face as i beat against the door, he was stronger then me, i thought he loved me but i was wrong"Let! Me! Out!" i cried, she was in trouble, they would kill her if i couldn't get to her. I fell against the door sliding to the ground pulling my knees to me, i felt disconnected to her in that instant"Let me out!" i repeated over and over, then i felt a hand on my shoulder, i opened my eyes. I was back in my room at the institution my knees hugged close to me, and tears silently spilling onto my shoulder. They helped me up, and got me some water. I would never get out of here if i couldn't stop these flashbacks, if i couldn't erase her from my mind. I sighed,"welcome home savannah" the last words i'd ever heard my mother say to me, i quoted her precisely. My eyes teared up as they helped me back to the bed, got me some water, and asked if i needed anything, as always i shook my head and they left. "why why me" i always asked myself"Why did this have to happen to me?" the world spun in circles, everyone else loved their family, everyone else had lives, had good ones. Then there's us the select few who have"problems" who get put away from society for the rest of their  lives. I sighed rolling over to get some sleep. I laid there for what felt like forever, i knew it was hopeless trying to get any sleep, i hadn't slept a lick since that horrible night, not that i needed sleep, sometimes it just helped.












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ok i read it and do you want people from twilight or just random ppl of celebs?

Random people

this story is intense....

well, a title wasnt told so i did two. one with not itle, and one i came up with myself


and this one

I like them.
hey so.... a little more info would be nice :D just saying  This reminds me of another story I read... I think it was called the Asylum.

So... this isn't a real entry but I didn't think it was fair that he's my world <3 was sitting here all by herself. 


thanks andra!

and it does slightly remind me of the asylum now that you mention it....but sometimes i get ideas for story and then later i discover someone else had like the same idea  lol



We're in fan fiction world.... we are all grooving on a great idea for a story, right? :D  I liked Asylum but I kind of lost track of it. Wonder if it's being updated? Wonder if this teaser has evolved into a real fic?

i dont know....thats definitely something to look into though!

Im sorry guys its been so long ive had issuse and matters of family ive been attending to so thank you and i really like the second one all*you*ever*dreamed(court) so thanks you and this is a completly original story just for clarification

I didn't mean to imply this wasn't original... it just reminded me of Asylum without the loyal companion rat. Are you going to try and get more people to submit? If you are I will post a link in open competitions and challenges. 


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