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I guess this a place where you can introduce yourself and be sure you get noticed! Feel free to tell a little bit about yourself, and share a couple of graphics if you wish! We want everyone to feel as welcome as possible, and keep this place a good place to be!




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practice makes perfect

Okay lol, well I've been on PiZap and Ipiccy and made this :) I made the banner on PiZap and Edited it on Ipiccy

hi......i'm sudha....i'm 18 yrs old and from india.......i have NO idea wat so ever on how to make amazing banners for my fanfics (which i have not started yet ).....

Haii Sudha.! :)


Welcome to TGBT. A great place to learn how to make banners and other graphics, plus an amazing way to make friends.


There is a little sub-group called GMPG. People sign up to be Mentors and others Pupils. Or even both.!


Some people on here use freee websites, such as: Pizap and Lunapic

There are others, but these are all I know of so far.


And some use GIMP. It's a little confusing at first, but once you get a hang of it you will love it.!


Well, I hope you enjoy our little group :)

Hello and Welcome Sudha i'm juliee :) 

Well andii pretty much said everything about GMPG I suggest you check it out 

enjoy our site ♥

Hey, I'm Nikki!

Welcome A***icia! 

What did you want to learn about O.O?

Welcome To Our Group A***icia ♥ 

 I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to help you with anything you need look around the group and have fun if you need anything my name is Juliee and you can ask anyone I basically Live here :D

hey guys, i've been a member on here for quite awhile, like pretty much when it started, i think:3 anyways, i never actually introduced myself on here, so im gonna go ahead and do that now:)

Hi! I'm Courtney:) the C.A. in my name stands for Courtney Ann, and I'll be 14 in the first week of july:) I'm pretty shy and not a lot of people talk to me on here but oh well, it is what it is:) I've had a lot of banner making experience, ive worked on picnik, which actually makes nice banners once you play around with the collages and effects:) i've also worked with lunapic, pizap, and i just got GIMP very recently, and i'm just a bit short of clueless! anyway, hopefully i learn how to use that soon:) A Day To Remember is the best band ever in my opinion<3 Jeremy McKinnon (ADTR's lead singer) is definitely my favorite famous person ever:) if you dont know who they are, you should look them up! Neil and Kevin are pretty awesome too:) um, my favorite colors blue, and i could get into a lot of other stupid fun facts about myself, but you probably dont care:p anyways, thats pretty much it:) if you wanna know anything else just ask!:)


much love,

C.A. Drake

Ooh, a new GIMPer!

Cool, I was new to the fantastic world of GIMP around November last year.

If you want to learn more about GIMP, I'd join GMPG, but the term is almost over so I'd wait until it is COMPLETELY over.

But there are many tutorials for you to learn some really cool stuff.


nike Pictures, Images and Photos

Great To Have You Here Courtney :D

You Awesome♥ 

If you need any help with something all you have to do is ask♥ 

But Like Nikki said there is GMPG and lots of Tuts posted on the site

lol nice gifs guys :P

Hey guys.! I'm Ashlii, and I've been here for a few weeks. I think.

I just thought I'd drop in here and introduce myself(:


I love making graphics, like banners, and word pop-outs, etc.. They're so much fun..! I use GIMP, and sometimes other sites like Picmonkey, and Lunapic. I miss Picnik :/




I like to make, I guess, darker graphics. I'm not too much of a girly girl, I guess is how you would put it. I'm into well, as people put it, the "emo/scene" kind of stuff. I normally wouldn't label the things I like, but people tend to do that, so I figured (Not saying any of you do), that you guys would get a better picture of the things I like if I did that.

I read ALOT. Stuff like: William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and other authors like them. Sometime's I'll branch out and read Ellen Hopkins, and Jane Austin. Even Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games was pretty good.


Umm... I think I might be running on a bit too much. I wasn't really sure what to put here.... Haha, Okeii I think I'm gonna go ahead and stop typing now.!


Bu-baii guys<3 :)


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