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I guess this a place where you can introduce yourself and be sure you get noticed! Feel free to tell a little bit about yourself, and share a couple of graphics if you wish! We want everyone to feel as welcome as possible, and keep this place a good place to be!




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Finally another fan, I have someone to share the awesomeness with!

I keep trying to get spoilers from season 5 from my British friends, but they want to keep it a secret. I have a feeling Mordred is coming back =D.

Lucy Hale is like, amazing. If there is a title with her in it you can never go wrong =P

Don't worry about fitting in, everyone is AMAZING here.

I forgot to mention my name with all the Merlin fandom O.O

I'm Nikki.


"Hi!☻ My name's Shokoofeh(means blossom),I ♥ creating graphics,Drawing(I'll post one here l8r) and designing Fashion styles☺ I've drawn about 50 designs since I've started keeping them in a folder, Hope I can learn how to make some amazing twi-banners!tell me who to keep in touch with for learnin those pls!♥thanks☺

Hello! My name is Yoon, and I'm 11 years old. The trouble is, I don't know anything about graphics.

@ Yoon Chung: Haha Welcome~ And dont worry ^^ <3 We All Started off there at Some Point. Ask around and I'm sure any of us would love to give you a few pointers <3

@ Blossom: <3 Awesome ~ I love to design too but I don't post my crap on here haha~ either way a pleasure to have you and meet you? Megh~ //dislikestwibanners //justmakeskpopbannersinstead <3

@ Everyone Else that has joined in Hunter's Absence: THE FEMALE DEMON KING WELCOMES OU TOO <3

"Hello! I'm Chall-Chan and I'm 19yrs old. I know how to make edits, but I don't have the real program for them."


"Here is a newish 'Edit' I made, so you know what i'm talking about."

Hi, I'm Nikki.

Have you just began? GIMP, Pizap, and PicMonkey are some editors I recommend.

If you'd like I can show you a few tutorials I made a while ago.

Welcome ^-^.

Hi.... i'm claire and i love taylor swift :) and i started making graphics 5 months ago on Taylor Connect, and just started one here so.... :)  

some graphics i've made recently

Hello Claire! My name is also Claire. =)

Taylor Swift is wonderful artist!!!

I simply adore her latest album!

I love your graphics!

They're so unique!

lol! :)


Red is amazing! 

and thanks :)

Hey I'm Juliette and I love editing photos and obviously Twilight. 

Hey Juliette! I'm Nikki!

I like editing photos too, what programs do you use?

You should open up a gallery, I'd love to see your work =)

Hi Juliette! It's nice to meet you (: I'm Kara.

If you love editing photos, you've come to the right place haha <3

If you have any questions, just ask anyone. We don't bite.

I agree with Nikki, you should open up a gallery so we can all see your work!

Hope you enjoy this group xx


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