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I guess this a place where you can introduce yourself and be sure you get noticed! Feel free to tell a little bit about yourself, and share a couple of graphics if you wish! We want everyone to feel as welcome as possible, and keep this place a good place to be!




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Hi everyone, I'm Ari. I'm hoping to learn how to use Gimp and eventually make fairly decent graphics...

Welcome to our little group Ari I'm Juliee, 

If you have any problems with Gimp there are tons of artiest on our group, including myself, who have been known to teach and offer help with anything you might need so feel free to ask for help. We are a very friendly group who love helping each other :)

Salutations Anna, Shilo, and Ari! Welcome to the group. I hope all of you have tons of fun here, and if you have any questions, please do feel completely free to ask! :)

Thank you so much Midnight! :3 I'm glad to be here!

^w^ Hiii. I'm Gabbie. >w< I'm currently trying to learn how to make new covers for Fan-Fictions for Twilight, including my own as well as others. >w< HIII. 

Hi Gabbie!

Welcome to TGBT! I'm Rachel!

We're happy to have you here and can't wait to see your work! :)

It's Nice to meet you Gabbie :) 

Welcome to our little group

I'm juliee, if you have questions about anything please feel free to ask.

I hope to see some of you work hopefully you put up a little gallery for yourself and please share a few links to you fan fiction :D 

Hey Im Victoria and im just starting what are good free programs to download?

Hiya Victoria! 

I am Sara.!

For sure GIMP,is the best in my opinion. Its easy to use. And for starting its great. 

Any questions just message me,Beautiful!

Hi Victoria!

I personally think that GIMP is a great program, its what I use.

It can easily be downloaded here.

GIMP has a website, but its really complicated to me so I just put the link to the place where you just click download =P.

Also, a program you don't need to download is They are REALLY bad quality graphics (haha, you should see some of my work from 2 years ago when I started) BUT great if you are just beginning so you get the feel of things until GMPG starts.

But overall, GIMP is the best free program.


-Nikki <33

Ello Victoria Welcome to This Group :)  As Sara and Nikki said Gimp is the best free program and most everyone on the site uses it so plenty of people to help you out if you get stuck :) Anyways I'm Juliee if you have any questions or problems I'm always here to help. 

Hello, I'm Jessa.

Umm. I'm Nikki's friend (I'm so tempted to say her real name, that's SO hard for me, haha)

I'm trying to make graphics, but epically failing so I think GMPG is a good choice for me, she described it =).

Hopefully this will be fun.



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