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Welcome to Jacky Ripper Co. a small banner gallery & shop run by Mini (aka Hunter). The main idea of the shop is to make simple banners - crowded messes are not appealing and simple things are much more eye catching at least to me. Due to this simple issue there are  few things I will not do. This will serve mostly as a graphics gallery but feel free to place small orders in here as well. I'm always open for some.


Here are some rules before we begin: I will absolutely not take orders if they are in in reply format each order should be a new post. Also, pictures cannot be links and must be large enough to use *i prefer them to be 500px in width*. Gifs will usually turn out really bad so I don't recommend ordering them from me. If you want gifs you should order from someone else and I will probably recommend a person to you. If you ask me to rush anything I will probably skip you and just continue on my way. Also if you want a graphic done quickly I wouldn't order here. I hate doing graphics in a rush and usually they take 2-3 weeks mostly because of how busy I am outside of TTS and inspiration purposes. Well now that we've gotten that stuff out of the way let's continue onto the actual ordering things yes?

Ordering from Jacky.Ripper Co.

Profile Pictures:

300px for a TTS Profile Picture
100px for an Off-Site Profile Picture
Text: *no more than 3 words*
Effects Desired:
What's it For:
Due Date: *minimum of two weeks from when you order it - this is simply to help me keep track of everything that i have to do*
Banners & Role Play Necessities:

500x300px, 500x250px, & 700x250px
Text: *main text*
SubQuote: *as long as you want just not multiple paragraphs*
Effects Desired:
What's it For:
Due Date: *minimum of two weeks from when you order it - this is simply to help me keep track of everything that i have to do*

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Signatures: 500 x 200px or Headers 500 x 250 px

Title: Snow Ravenna White

Quote: "You Posess Rare Beauty My Love"



ill get to these soon :) i have finals for the next two days though...

DVD Cover XD gah i just did one of these for school, but I lost the dimensions, anyway, aren't the images a bit too small to work with for a DVD cover they'll be ruined if i stretch them to fit, especially the one you want on the back cover. Do you have any larger images? If not I'll try to work with these...

Hum could you PM me the original files then? Or make them slightly bigger (500px width?)  because it would be hard to work with this.

Snow White:

Banner Update

Book Covers: 5 x 8 inches

Title: Be Somebody 

By: Olivia Knox


Jack (Daniel Radcliffe) 

Claire (Holland Roden)


Headers 500 x 250 px

Can it say "L and Misa/BB?" (XD)

Can It have these Lyrics if you can put them on:

This is not the way into my heart, into my head
Into my brain, into none of the above
This is just my way of unleashing the feelings deep inside of me
This spark of black that I seem to love

cosplay L


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