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Welcome To Juliee's School Of Thee Arts (JSA)
Introduction: Welcome To My GMPG Thread JSA and I'm sure you can tell what JSA stands for by just looking a little Higher on the page. Now just to let you know I love to treat my Thread like my own little mini school so for this term I've picked a mascot for us I went with a Butterfly it was a teddy bear but Butterflies are more my thing simply because their magical and can fly anywhere and when I think of butterflies I like to think of my grandma who used to say if I were a butterfly all the other butterflies would be jealous of how much more Beautiful I was then them(silly I know). Now back to explaining the school: I Will Be Teaching you All The Tricks I know To Use and Maybe Along The way You Will Teach Me a Few Things. In This Term You Will Learn My Bleanding Tricks, My Gif Secrets, and My Short Cuts.Every week,Unless I Tell You Other Wise, I Will Post A New Lesson So Your Not Stressed Out Over This All Lessons Will Be Posted As Replies and Links To The Specific Reply Will Be Posted Here. Now I Post My Lessons With Links To a Photo Album Which Shows You Step By Step Details About How To Do Something, But If This Doesn't Work For You Let Me Know I Will Go Back Over Lessons And Find Another Way To Explain It To You Don't Ever Be Scared To Say You Don't Get It Guys That Defeats The Purpose Of Me Teaching You. If You Need Help I Will Be Sure To Slow Down And Work With You Till You Understand.

Important Dates

Last Day for GMPG Finals Mar.27.2012
Voting for the Finals Begins Mar.28.2012
Term Begins April.1.2012


Progam you currently use:GIMP
Favorite Things
Favorite TV Shows:The Vampire Diaries,NCIS,American Idol, Dancing with the Stars
Hobbies:Reading, Writing, Singing
Favorite Actor/Actress:Nina Dobrev
Celebrity Crush: (if any):Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley
Favorite Candy:Chocolate
Favorite Holiday:Christmas

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Progam you currently use: GIMP, Lunapic, PloyVore(textures only), Photo Studio Arc Soft (not alot)

Favorite Things

Favorite TV Shows: Bones, NCIS, Ghost Adventures, Forensic Files, things like those.

Hobbies: Making Graphics, Drawing, Singing

Favorite Actor/Actress:

Celebrity Crush: (if any):  Josh Hutcherson, Andy Biersack, AShley Purdy(its a guy.!), Craig Mabbitt, and um.... that;s it I think:)

Favorite Candy:  Sour Patch Kids x)

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

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Progam you currently use: GIMP 2 / Photoshop Elements 9
Favorite Things
Favorite TV Shows: You're Beautiful, City Hunter, & NCIS
Hobbies: Cosplaying, Mangakaing, Graphic Making, Tumbling
Favorite Actor/Actress: Alexander Ludwig & Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr.
Celebrity Crush: (if any): Alexander Ludwig & Kwon JiYoung & Yang Yoseop
Favorite Candy: . . .
Favorite Holiday: 3 Kings Day

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Name(The name you wanted to be called):
Progam you currently use:
Favorite Things
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Actor/Actress:
Celebrity Crush: (if any):
Favorite Candy:
Favorite Holiday:

Do you have a shop/Gallery on the site:
Anything else you would like to tell me:

I also would like to know if you liked your student banner i made for you ( i took a lot of guess as to who to put in your butterfly):

JSA Student Banner:

This Banner is Supose to be your Student banner so somewhere on it

should be JSA and your name , but i will also be

using this as a link back to your banner shop so make sure you really try on it

if your banner could be 600x200that would be great but if not that's alright.

Progams We Will Be Using:



Banner fans




Okay guys I told my Pupils from last term this but I think only one every really asked I just want to make this clear now you can request a lesson if you see something I've done or maybe even someone else has done and you want to learn how to do it just post the banner here and I will try my best to teach it to you♥

Lesson Request Form:

What: (What you want the lesson to be)
Example: (If you saw me do something like this post the banner here)


(Scroll Down)


♥Easy as Cake

Free Spot

Finishing Touches♥



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Objective: In this Lesson you'll learn how to make a Pop-out graphic (This is part one)

Extra: Hey Guys in the album it just sayd to use the blending but I want you to also try the erasing kay♥
Lesson Albums: pOp-oUts
Programs Used: Gimp
Due: You final Product 
Images:(You may use your own images but If you want to use mine here they are)

Hello :) I was wondering If I could join in, I am not sure if not as you're in the third term

JULIEE.! I need some help. I can't figure out how to do a pop-out on GIMP. And any time I paste a picture onto a tranparent background it comes up blacked out.

That is really weird try leaving the background white Kay and I'll make a second tut on how to turn it into a pop out kay 

Okay Here try this why kay :D

Album Two

Sure you can third term just means this is the third time we've done this we start all over each term with new mentors and pupils and I would love to have you join sign up with Z Here and make sure just to say something like you already talked to me about joining and I said okay. 

okay :) and do I have to make that button thingy like the others have? I am not sure how to and I am new to Gimp and don't get it yet, so could I use a different program to make it?

Sure you can use any program to do it :D

oh thanks :) so should I fill in the form on here then?

Sure :)

Name(The name you wanted to be called): Stella or Stells
Progam you currently use: Ipiccy, Pizap, Banner Fans, Gimp, Lunapics
Favorite Things
Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Glee, Vampire Dairies, 90210, The Syndicate,  NCIS
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music, Writting, Swimming
Favorite Actor/Actress: Ben Barnes, Alex Meraz, Taylor Lautner, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Johny Depp
Celebrity Crush: (if any): Ben Barnes, Johny Depp, Taylor Launter, Kiowa Gordon
Favorite Candy: Chocolate
Favorite Holiday: When me and my family went to France

Do you have a shop/Gallery on the site: No not yet
Anything else you would like to tell me:

Kay I have you up :D


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