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Hello Everyone! I'm Kara, and welcome to my Gallery!

This is the place where I will be posting all of the graphics that I have made.

I am now taking orders again!!!!


Here are a few examples of my work:





Order Form:

Type of Graphic (i.e: Wallpaper, Avatar, etc.):

Main Title:


Anything Extra:


Don't like what you see? Check out these Banner Shops:







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For Ŧħɇ Ŧřĭƀŭŧɇş:

Haha, this one was so much fun to make <3

Sorry if Taylor's tail looks a little faded. After all the editing, it faded a little.
GASP!  IT'S AMAZING!!!!  You should totally enter my banner comp!
lol so glad you like it ^_^ Maybe I will enter your comp :P
Please do.  I would love to see your take on that banner.

-Type of Graphic you want FanFic Banner

-the Main title No Matter What Happens, I'll Always Love You

-Color Scheme (optional) doesn't matter



A picture of Jacob Black

Jacob as a wolf

 and also, if you can get a picture of an evil vampire, that'd be cool

omg, its so amazing!! thank you :)

okay sdo im having a banner competition for a new story im writing. its posted here and if you have any spare time before august 1, feel free to eter. i would LOVE to see your banner =D

Story Banner

Title-Secret Portal-Harry Potter Fanfiction


Scheme-Dark, bit firey in places

Qoutes-What will it take to say I love you?

Pics-Wont let me upload so:

Lilly,James, Harry,Severus,Hermione and Ron

Hmm...I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, and when I look up some of the characters, I'm getting many different images of different people, and I dont know which one is right :/ Do you have any links to pictures?

well Harry Potter is Daniel Radcliffe

Hermione is Emma Watson

Ron is Rupert Grint

Severus is Alan Rickman


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