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Hello, I'm Kelsey! (Synful Masterpiece)

I've decided to make a gallery because I want to show everyone how much I can do without waiting for people to order a graphic from me. Plus, I have most of my graphics just in a simple little folder on my computer with no one to see. So... let the show casing begin!!!

-Kelsey <3


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For my media class, we are manipulating how people look. Airbrushing, all that. I had to do it and I felt terrible afterwards. I hate making people look like something they're not but it was for class.

I did a picture of Darla Taylor because she posted online what she looked like without makeup and I figured okay, I'll do her because most of the people in my class have no clue who she is.

This is Before the touch-ups:


This is awesome! I love it!!

Thanks Nikki :)

So I made these book covers for a girl on Wattpad and decided to post them here.





These are beautiful girly!

I like the text in the second one!

Thanks you guys :)

The song is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and I made this awhile ago, just never posted it on here. He (that man right up there) sung this song at the concert I went to. Made me very happy.... and emotional.

New Icon:

Credit goes to Eva for the texture.

Amelia Pond! Haha.

That's a gorgeous photo Kelsey!

It's boring, but whatevs.


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