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Theme Three: 

Song By Carrie Underwood: Blown Away. 

I have been having a lot of emotional problems for a few years now and every time i feel better something comes and brings everything rushing back. This song kind of just fits how I feel a lot of the time. 

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Sounds fun! Count me in!


Theme 3:

Anything Could Happen- Ellie Goulding

Last year was a rough one for me as some of you may know, I was really learning who I was.

But now I'm okay, and I realize that 2012 is the first year that changed my life, whether it was the best year of my life or not.

Now I know the truth,

That anything could happen ^-^.

Beautiful Banner Nikki :)

and great song.

 What do you do when you're stuck,
Because the one that you love,
Has pushed you away,
And you can't deal with the pain,
And now you're trying to fix me,
Mend what he did,
I'll find the piece that I'm missing,
But I still miss him,
I miss him, I'm missing him,
Oh I miss him, I miss him, I'm missing him-Pixie Lott~Broken Arrow

Lately Ive been having a really hard time getting a certain boy and has to be the hardest thing I've ever tried to do..

I hope everything gets better Sara :) 

I love the banner! 

Theme 3: 

The Depths by Of Mice & Men

because life has been hard lately.

Pretty Sarah

Comp ends in Three Days...

Theme Three

Gold Music by Britt Nicole

Theme Three: 

This song or that one lyric really makes me think about us and how its becoming clearer and clearer this friendship will never be anything other then a friendship


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