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Here is a place where you can easily find a list of important discussions! Just click on the title of the discussion to go to it! All titles will be underlined.



Introduce Yourself --Here you can introduce yourself to the group and get known within the group!

Chatterbox --Come here and post if you will be having a moment of absence from the website, or just chat with your fellow members here!

Group Graphic Order Discussion --Here you can post your general orders!

Group Graphic Order PickUp Discussion --Here you can pick up the order that you requested!

Tutorial List & Requests --Here is a list of all of the tutorials; posted a tutorial? Comment on that discussion so we can put it up! If there is a tutorial that you wish to see, comment on that to request one and hopefully we can soon get one up!

Stock Sharing --Here you can share your "stocks".

Texture Sharing --Share your textures here.

Rate My Graphic --Here you can get your graphic rated. This is basically a way to see how you can improve and get help from other artists!

Admin Corner: Because Transparency in Government is Good --A place for the admins of the group to be able to discuss things. Members are also able to discuss things if needed, too!




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Good idea!
Thanks! If I become an admin of the group (my own group is on the line), I will probably put this on the front page for easy findings for the rest of the members. I realize since this group will be the new center for graphics, there will probably be a crowd of discussions. Or, better yet, I could ask Mod Genn if she could make this discussion featured.
I think I have all discussions up! :)
Can u guys add my discussion Abby*s Gr@fix please and thank u :)
Your discussion is now up! :)
thanks! :)

Can you add my discussion?


Nikki's Banner and Graphics Depot

A.M. Lemons' Gallery  Could you add this discussion? Thank you!
All discussions put up! :D
Shall I post this on the front page? Also, I'll be editing the part where it lists everyone displays/shops so it'll be alphabetical, and such.

I think we should use the main page to highlight member work and important or featured links. We can create a second page where a list of all discussions can be maintained by admins.


A random and oft re-ordered list of galleries and shops is more fair than an alphabetical list, but that might be a something members should vote on.

I was thinking putting the gallery links in alphabetical order might make it easier for members to be able to find the gallery on the main page... Hmm... How about we vote it, then? Just to see what the members want, and think. :)


Alright, so will the second page contain things like contests, and then featured discussions, right? (featured discussions like general orders/pickups, stock/texture sharing, tutorial lists/requests, and rate my graphic?)


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