The Twilight Saga

I find the Title is kind of self-Explanatory but this is basically what you do. If you've watched Glee you know they do a ton of mash-ups of songs and that's basically what you do in this comp. You don't have to make an entire song just take a few lyrics from a few different songs and mash them together on a banner. If you have any questions please ask :D 

1.3 Entries Per Person
2.Play Nice

3.Be original 
4. Give credit where its needed
5.Follow TTS and TGBT rules always!

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 I mashed up Machine Gun Kelly(rapper) and The Pretty Reckless.

Awesome Sara :D 

 Thanks Juliee!!

Welcome :)

This is beautiful Sara!

Lovely stocks!

Breath of Life and Little Talks Mash Up

Lovely Rachel :) 

Thanks Juliee! :)

Stubborn Love by The Lumineers and Dark Paradise by Lana Del Ray

Breath Taking Claire :D 

Awe, thanks Juliee!

This Didn't Come out how i wanted but i think it's still okay.. :/

ANNA KENDRICK-Cups and BRIDGIT MENDLER- Love will Tell us. 

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