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I am going to show you how to do this


[the block thing]

ok asuming that you know how to downlaod and install brushes.

first thing you need to do is go and downlaod and install [if you need directions on how to install just let me know]


[Click to download^] 

[Click to Download]


This is the Graphic iWill be using  Photobucket

ok after you are satified with you banner/graphic you are going to
add an extra layer make sure the layer fill type is set on transparency
now you are going to click on your bucket fill tool and choose a main color [as you see i choose black]
Not go to your eraser tool and find your Mask Brushes and erase until you are happy with what you have created.
Here is what iHave

Post your finished product.
If you still have questions just ask them!

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This looks like a great tut! I can't wait to try it tomorrow! =D I promise to post what I've created with it!!! =D
ok! cant wait to see it

I've been trying for about an hour and a half and I still can't figure it out lol.


In the top banner, you have it nicely layered and some area's are faded out; you can still see the original picture, but you can also see the eraser brushes. How did you do that??? When I try using the brushes to get an effect like you have in the top banner, it looks like a two year old took a marker and just drew straight lines all over the picture :/

lol ok I forgot to explain...


When you use the brushed you dont drag them just right click the banner, and you dont have to use the same mask brush you should have 9 brushes [if you downloaded them both]. so switch it up and remember dont drag them.

Are we supposed to merge our images first, than use the erase tool w/ the brushes?

What brushes did you use in the first image (that one is my favorite)?

I still can't figure out how to get the original image still present. In the first image, you can clearly see the girls face, but you can also clearly see the squares. How did you do that? When I use the brushes/eraser tool, I erase the image too much; it's at the point where you can't see the face, ect.

you make your banners as you uusually would then flatten the image not merge.

The first set of brushes that are up top are the ones that iUsed.

you can also change the size of the brush so that more or less of the persons face shows.

In this tut you use the eraser tool just like it is the paintbrush tool.


Could you show how the picture looks so i can help you more?

oh and im going to try and find some more mask brushes for you

I only downloaded the first set because the looked nicer. (the 5 pack one)

I usually merge my images down, not flatten, but I can try that option.

I do change the size of the brushes, but it doesn't make a difference.

I've always used the eraser tool :]


and sure, just give me a second to re-try this, since all my previous trys never made it to a saved folder lol :]

This is an example. It's messy and I feel like the pictures are being covered up to much, even though I am using the eraser tool. Believe it or not, this train-wreck is the best one yet lol


Wait, this one actually looks better that the one I first posted, but I still feel like the pictures are being covered up to much. Although, I do think I'm getting better :3

Okay, so it's not so much as being covered up (although I do think that's still a problem) but I think it's more about being to messy :/ It looks so unorganized. Any tips?
Ok now iCan It's better to have the pictures closer together. See your pics are spaced apart. But you can still accomplish the box thing. It looks like you just clicked on each pic once. You can do it more than just one time


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