The Twilight Saga

I am going to show you how to do this


[the block thing]

ok asuming that you know how to downlaod and install brushes.

first thing you need to do is go and downlaod and install [if you need directions on how to install just let me know]


[Click to download^] 

[Click to Download]


This is the Graphic iWill be using  Photobucket

ok after you are satified with you banner/graphic you are going to
add an extra layer make sure the layer fill type is set on transparency
now you are going to click on your bucket fill tool and choose a main color [as you see i choose black]
Not go to your eraser tool and find your Mask Brushes and erase until you are happy with what you have created.
Here is what iHave

Post your finished product.
If you still have questions just ask them!

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actually now that i see this on my cpu this look really good.

my phone definitely didnt do this any justice

I made this for the Romantic Lyric Comp. I tried it out on it!

Wat do you think?

I didn't want to make the brushes too noticable. But I REALLY do like these brushes! =D


Yours look so much better than mine lol :P I love that banner.
XD Not really. But thank you! =D I love Blaine and Kurt. :3
And was this really your first try?

[ and now you know one of my secrets]
Yup! My very first! Did I do a good job? :3 I REALLY love using those brushes! Thank you for sharing!!! =D
you did do a good job
Guys I'm sorry I'm mobile and I can't see.anything
That is pretty good. Care to try again

I need more tips lol :3

Look on the previous page. I left you a message


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