The Twilight Saga

Hi, I'm Megan! c: 

I haven't been a mentor for anybody before so this'll be a new experience for us all I guess. ! :)

First of all I'd like to say that I don't want anybody to hesitate on asking me questions or to explain something more thoroughly. I'm very friendly and I certainly will not freak out if you don't get something! c:

I'll more than likely make little banners with the pupil's name's on them later. when the term starts! 

so for starters there is a few important things that I should put out there. All of my fonts come from and all of my brushes come from

So whenever I make a tutorial an state what font or something I use you will know where they came from if you'd like to download them! =)

Images were most likely found off , and

the way I'll more than likely start things is by starting off with the basics. (for example, what everything is on gimp and other things like that.)

also, if there is anything that I do in my banners that you'd like to learn how to do along the way, please let me know! 

So, before we get started I'd like to get to know you all more! c:

your name:

what you're looking forward to learning:

things you like:

favorite celebrity:

favorite book series:

1. Basic Banner Tutorial

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your name: Megan

what you're looking forward to learning:

things you like: I like hanging out with my friends a lot, badminton, reading, swimming/diving, tumblr, photography, french immersion and dance! 

favorite celebrity: Kristen Stewart. c:

favorite book series: The Twilight Saga & The Hunger Games

your name: Hannah

what you're looking forward to learning: EVERYTHING IM TAUGHT :D

things you like: the colour purple, movies, scary movies, hanging with mah buddies, TUMBLR OMG<3, the Hunger Games, swimming, French, Italian, Skype

favorite celebrity: I can never chose one.

favorite book series: Uhm. the Divergent series, the Uglies series, Twilight series, and The Hunger Games

Any few in particular? c:

your name: Zanica

what you're looking forward to learning: Anything New

things you like: books[reading], singing, Colorful socks, Chris Brown, Music, the list goes on

favorite celebrity: Chris Brown

favorite book series: its between The House of Night and The Twilight Saga

hehe, colorful socks. :3

lol yess gotta have my colorful socks

I always have to have my nails painted rainbow colors. xD

i usually do that too

your name:Sophia or Sophie Sometimes people call me Soph

what you're looking forward to learning:Everything your going to teach me ^0^

things you like:Skittles, Singing, tumblr, TGBT, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Ian s. Rainbows the colors Purple and pink Sims 3...ect.

favorite celebrity:Miley Cyrus

favorite book series:Pretty Little Liars ♥

pleasure to meetcha, Soph! 

eek! I can't wait to get started. 

me either ^-^

I was wondering if you both could make a graphic and post it, so I know what areas to touch on the most. c:


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