The Twilight Saga

Welcome to this GMGP thread,

first and for most

THANKS for having faith in me :)

I'm a newbie at this so I'm a bit unsure, but very eager to get it right.

And even more eager to learn you all something new.

My main rule is:

Never be affraid to ask and have fun!!!!!

Because this is my first go as a mentor I would like to know as much as possible from all of you.

Most important are off course your names, how do you want to be called.

Besides that I want to know everything you are willing to share with me.

Things that you love, inspirations, funny things, ...

And last but not least,

I know I am the mentor, but are there any requests on tuts. If so feel free to mention.

So I guess this is it, hehe, feeling a bit nervous.

My wonderful pupils




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More advanced


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To start of the introduction:

I'm Mieke, single working mom

Reading, tv series (Castle, Criminal Minds, Bones, Sherlock, The Mentalist) and being online/graphic making

are my main ways to escape real life a bit and have fun :)

I absolutely love gifs

My inspiration depends but most of the times I get it from lyrics,

beautiful/interesting pics can also help me.

I'm a huge blue fan, all shades of blue

I have a really bad memory!!!! Like non excisting.

So I might add things to this introduction afterwards ;)

And I'm very curious about all of you,

I'm very curious by nature

English is not my birth language so if I have lots of typos,

forgive me and maybe you can point them out always glad to learn things

I'll add pupil names on top later on. When subscribing is ended and all is clear :)

Opened :)

is there a form you want us to fill out?

No just the specifics that I asked for. And then you can tell me anything you want/like :)

Hello! c:

Well , for starters my name is Megan. I'm only a hard working honor student in junior high. c: My grades mean a lot to me. I love Kristen Stewart to death! I look up to her so much! My favorite books series are The Twilight Saga , The Hunger Games and any book by Nicholas Sparks . I play a few sports , I use to dive but I couldn't keep up with all the practices anymore to I had to quit. :c I play badminton and frisbee now. ( I know, not the typical sports! ) My friends mean a lot to me. I love reading, playing sports, tumblr, being with my friends and creating graphics. Music is what I turn to whenever I'm feeling down. <3 Anything from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack, Jason Mraz, Nicki Minaj and Christina Perri I adore. C:

Anyway, I'm so excited to start! 

Love your gif!!!! So cute :)

Wow you're so active. My sports: cleaning, ironing, going up and down the stairs, lifting kids and more like that hehe.

Loved TwiSaga and HG, mmm NS should look him up.

Welcome and totally the same :)

Ello I'm Juliee :D I'm a High School Junior I used to attend an Arts school but they recently took me out so i could catch up on my credits :\ But I'm still just a very normal person I love to act, sing, dance, and make graphics. I have this weird thing about me that I love to be busy nothing make me feel more awake then a busy day (which my mom hates :) I love to volunteer and help out. I recently finished crewing my school's musical (before i left) we did Thoroughly Modern Millie ♥ Hopefully  can go back next year and take the directing class and crew the last show. I really love to read and write but recently I've had this never ending case of writers block..I also started a new series my friend Sophia got me into Pretty Little lairs (the books) I love the show and i never knew how close they stay to the books story line. I am absolutely Obsessed with Selena Gomez she's my idol. Something else about you can probably tell I tend to ramble on and on ....and on.

So that's some stuff about me ♥ 

Hi Juliee,

finally I get to know you a bit better!!!!

Normal is good hehe and so is busy. Only times I'm not busy is when I'm to tired to be busy.

That must have so great, love musicals by the way :)

Haven't seen or read PLL


HEY MIEKE! Misa Hunter. I isa Female. I isa the Female Demon KING. Though I enjoy referring to myself in third person I will speak in first person usually as long as I'm not mad. I admire your work... alot *totally doesn't stalk Mieke's gallery or anything like that*. And I am a really big fangirl, I love animanga, and kpop, and kdrama, but right now my main obession is the Hunger Games (as it also was last year for a few months...) and I've literally spammed everything I own (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Me2Day, Room, Notebooks... etc) with Alexander Ludwig from The Seeker: The Dark is Rising all the way to The Hunger Games it's quite fun really. Um, I cosplay, so yes I'm one of those really weird anime people lolz ^^. I'm a frosh in highschool and... *thinks* I love Jack the Ripper? OH i like Video Games too, Skyrim is GOD, but my favorite series(s) are Assassins Creed and Soul Calibur. Okay now i'm done... I think ^^

. . . Oh my favorite weapon in shooters is always:

Hi Hunter,

You make me blush a bright tomato red.

Has been a while for me to reffer to me in third person,

but I kinda like doing that. Particullary (l double or single?) when I'm bored.

Love HG, haven't seen the movie. So many different opinions, got me a little anxious.

Love anime

Have come across a book from Assasins Creed and it really looked interesting,

have you read the book or ... Not really a gamer, but the story line sounded great of this one.


Hello! My name is Claire! ^______^ I love to read, watch movies, GIMP, and do art. =D I am in an advanced art program local to my high school, and also the IB (International Baccalaureate) Program (incase you have heard of it), so my grades and the subject of art are both rather important to me. This is the reason I am normally not on TTS during the week. Usually only weekends, but I can occasionally get extra time and log in during the week (those would be called good days. xD). My favorite books would have to be TTS, THG, The Mortal Instruments, Pride and Prejudice, and Sailor Moon manga. :3 I simply adore both Hayao Miyazaki and Time Burton, I think that they are both FABULOUS directors. Paramore would have to be favorite band, but He Is We comes in as a very close second. =) And I have a sort of soft spot for anything Broadway related. :3 I don't really know what else to say, so I'll stop typing now. haha...



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