The Twilight Saga

Just a place where I can share, and get critiques on my work :)

If anyone wants me to make them anything I will certainly do that as well!

Just tell me how you want it and provide some pictures, and I will do my best!


And if you have any of these, I'd love if you'd follow me or even just take a look!

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Credit to Eva for the texture (even though you can't really see it lol)

Credit to Eva for the texture

I am just in Awe of this! I like the other two graphics as well but there is just something about this one that always steals my attention :) 

Awe! Thanks! :)

I love this!
Your work is amazing!

Awe! Thanks :D



Credit to Claire (Jessi) for the texture

Thinking about entering the layout contest for the next go around, whatcha guys think??

So far I only have the icon so any critisim would be appreciated :)


The name is a little hard to see at the end 

but other then that i think this looks great :) 

Thanks! And yeah, that's what I thought too. Honestly I just pasted a picture of the twilight logo and changed the layer mode xD


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