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my lovely Ninja's I an here to please your ordering desirers! <3


So when making a order simply put what ever you want in it and spcifs on character looks (if you have no pics) lol.  





Story Link:





(Oh btw if u dont like it TELL here to make ur imagination come alive not what i think i see lol and i am always up to a challenge!!!)

....awful spelling an gramer sorry my Ninjas

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oooh i love this. can you make me an order?

of course what would you like dear?

ok so i had this story thats a sequel but it's full of death, darkness, and surpirses like in the first book soory if i sound like a nerd but im in love with the avengers and hawkeye alot so Tony starks aka ironman sister sky falls in love for an agent of SHIELD and they are super in love until he dies. then in the sequwl skys takne but loki the god of mischief who sky is to him is his slave, he has control of her , and source of pleasure however he makes her beileve that and shes pregnant and she think its lokis. once the avengers and her brother find her she finds herself actually seeing the love of her life that was dead is alive who fask his death to keep her save, but it the end sky is trying to get free of lokis control and her and her love clint barton find out the baby is actaully clints. and its kinda based of the avengers movie and wow that a lot soory

so like i was thinking something dark like you could tell loki has controled her

Title: summer barton

Quote: Free is life's great lie

Author: CammyBarton

Story Link: (its on a different website you still want it?)

Theme: darkness


Sky starl


and for sky can you make her crazy looking? like dark? lips dry her like this pic below

is this okay? if you need anything let me know

this is perfect i will message you when it is done for ur feedback. <3 have a lovely weekend

kk and thank you so much and you!

oh god i screw up i meant for the quote to put freedon is lifes great lie and i was hoping for her eyes to be like clints and dry lips. sorry if im being pushie

I can re do the words and eyes lol cant promise on the lips :)

ok thats fine and thank you so much :D

Huh I'm lost

I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY! my computer crashed and Its been awful cleaning it up I will have ur pic done In mins! please please please forgive me for any trouble I may have caused you!

Love it! And it's okay:)


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