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New and Improving!

I'm so happy to open up this new shop, some of the stuff on my old one was lagging anyway :3

Kept the 'depot' because its classic.



r u l e s

- PLEASE use my forms if possible. I ask certain questions for certain reasons, mostly so I can get a feel for what you want. Of course, if none of my forms match what you need, feel free to make your own.

-say the name of the type of graphic you'd like before the form. (ex. fanfic/story, account picture, lyric banner...etc)

-Make all new orders new replies. I don't do this to annoy you, I just like my shop to be organized, and I don't want your order to get mixed up with someone else's, and I'm sure that you don't want to do that either.

-Please, only place 2 orders at a time. This way everybody gets a chance to get their orders filled. Once I finish one of your banners, feel free to place another order, but remember, your new order will be at the bottom of the list, and it may take a while to be filled.

if you do not follow the rules in your order, i will redirect you up here so you can read the rules again. i'm sorry if this sounds a little rude to you, but i do have my reasons for having these rules, and i don't really ask for much.

please don't hesitate if you have any questions about the rules or my shop in general.


f o r m s

remember to follow all rules listed above in your orders!



quote (optional, make it small)

additional requests:






theme (feeling you want the banner to have):

summary (1-2 sentences of what the story is about)

link (to the story):

additional requests:




quote (keep it small):

theme (feeling you want the cover to have):

link (to story):

additional requests:



character name:

quote (optional):

actor/actress of character (optional)

author (optional):

title of story (optional):

additional requests:




author/subtitle (optional, more for chapter headers):

quote (optional):

additional requests:




additional requests:


more forms may be added later on, these are the basics though.


w h a t ' s  n e w ?

well, the header, the font, font color....

and that's really it.

i also added the 'additional requests' section to each form.

this is where you can say what you want that isn't in the form, like the graphic size, or fonts, basically suggestions.

i will try to fulfill these requests to the best of my ability.

g r a p h i c  s t y l e

well, my style is featured in my gallery

but i must warn you i am HORRIBLE at anime graphics. i can try, but i can almost guarantee it may not be my best quality of work.

yes, i do occasionally watermark my work, to make sure I get proper credits, but if you come to my shop often or if i know that you ALWAYS give credit, I probably won't watermark it.


additional features soon to come, please feel free to place orders, Nikki's New and Improved Banner and Graphics Depot is officially open!



AM Lemons {fanfictions}

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Love is many things


Love is everything you have and more.

Peaceful and Loving

Edward Cullen married Bella Swan as a cover. His real wife's name is Alix Cullen. She comes back to forks 5 years after Edward and Bella got married. Bella is Cauis's daughter.

additional requests:none


this is edward:

this is Alix:

this is Bella:


I'd love to fill your order!

Just wondering, do you happen to know the actress who plays Alix.

Her name slips my mind... lol.

I hope you don't mind if I look around at other images before I begin =)


her name is Emilie De Ravin and no go ahead

Texture belongs to Claire J. Darling.

I hope you enjoy!



title:Love can be everything or nothing


quote:Love is everything or nothing

theme (feeling you want the banner to have):peaceful and hopeful

summary (1-2 sentences of what the story is about) bella swan is in love with man named stefan salvatore, so after edward left she went back to virginia to see him. when she saw him she was happy until she saw that he had moved on from her.

link (to the story):

additional requests:






Sorry I accidently skipped the order above this one, Paul Wesley just gets me excited ^-^

Once again, Claire's texture.


Welcome =)

hi Nikki can you make me a facebook header, mine is from last year's and it's getting pretty old to look at however beautiful it is...also a profile pic i'm currently in Venezuela and I need the header to be in spanish if its not too much of a bother here are the pics and details:

note with this pic: CUT HIM FROM THE IMAGE he's my exboyfriend please don't let him show up on the banner

For the profile picture, chose any of the pics above, but don't use them all, just use one, I don't want it to look overcrowded. for the details just go along with the facebook banner's theme...

Name(profile pic): Escaily

Name (on header): Celeste 

Text (banner): Ahora amanece y el alba traerá  
Cálidas luces y esperanzas del este  
Y el cielo así

note: these are the lyrics to a song by laura pausini (yes there's actually a song that's named after me,) this is what it says: now it's daybreak and dawn will bring, warm lights and hope from the east and the sky is like that...celestial, celestial...

Theme:  I don't know I have in mind something delicate but edgy at the same time, pink but solft with black, look at the images below those are the kind of thing that should inspire the theme, in case you get confused...

Other: than that.. that's all thanks for the help nikki you I hope and look forward to that banner, and the profile pic of course...

hey I don't want it to be too much of a bother but I changed my mind about the text can you have it say:

La vida es un puñado de sueños
y besos en la oscuridad.
Velas que encienden un sentimiento
y amores que renacerán.

Okay, so do you want the header and the profile picture to match??


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