The Twilight Saga

So, I've decided to feature some of my work and other things in this gallery!

I will also share a few sites I use personally, and even show you all some  brushes that I love using!

Feel free to ask me for advice or help!

Feel free to snatch any gifs or anything else, just ask me first.

Hopefully you'll have fun every time you visit this gallery!



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(More Links to Come in The Future)

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XD That's definitely my texture girly. lol.

LOL. You know, I THOUGHT SO. But then I was like "no. i'm going to be wrong and look stupid." XD. I usually save people's textures with their names in parenthesis so I know who to credit but this one wasn't labeled! I hate when that happens DX

LOL. I have folders with different people's textures in them. :3

But it's alright! Don't even worry about it!

Have you seen season 2 (or the beginning of 3) of New Girl yet?

I just got all caught up this morning! xD

And also, I found this photo of Zooey that I really liked and I so I thought I should share. xD


Totally missed this comment.

Not exactly graphical... but I drew this!!

I posted it on instagram and got a bunch of likes from friends so I figured I'd post it here!

Super neat girly!

I'm not too sure about this one.

This is gorgeous girly!

Again. Not sure. Trying out some editing stuff :3

I think this is really unique and interesting!!!

Liz Gillies is so pretty. :3

I'm not really that into OUAT in Wonderland to be honest. I don't really feel the romance, so I don't really feel for them. But! It's only been one episode so I'm trying not to be so critical :3


It's inspired me to re-start a story I tried a long while ago called Hatter. I just posted this one on Wattpad and it's now called Looking Glass.

Like, I wanted to point out to you guys that I have a NEW Wattpad. I lost the password to MutantBirdFreak so now I'm finallyfallinq.

So yeah! Follow me if you haven't already.

Thanks guys!

And sorry for lack of graphics lately.

Stupid school... *-*

WAAH. I haven't gotten the chance to see OUATIW yet!

I hope I like it!

And I hope you like it more after one episode! :3

I remember that story!

I remember liking it, however I don't remember much of it. =/

I'm glad that you're writing again though!

I've been wanting to write or roleplay or something lately I just haven't been able to find time.

I miss both of them.

I just always quit or fizzle or something. =/

Hope to see more of your graphics soon though!


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