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Welcome To My Spring Time Photo Challenge.

So Recently I have been taking Hikes with my mom and taking soo many photos on them of the flowers in the area. I have been wanting to do something with them but I don't have a lot of ideas. So I want to see what you guys can come up with for them.

Rules and Options> 

1. Be kind and respectful of everyone's art. 

2.Follow All TTS and TGBT rules 

3.Have Fun Guys! 

Option One. 

A simple Edit.

Change The Colors. Play with some filters.

Option Two

A Banner. 

Make a Banner with one of the Photos or more.

Photos Available: [Click for full Size]

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How many entries are we allowed girly? :3

I am not giving a limit for this so go nuts :) 

Woop! Thanks Juilee! =)

What you did looks very nice and I like this :D

I like how it kind of looks like it's more or a beach sunset then a lake. The oranges are so beautiful! I think the one peace of advice would be to try blending the other photo in a bit differently. Depending on what program you used/use there are a few ways to blend one photo to another and make it look nice. 

That's Beautiful Claire :) 

I love how you intensified the purples 

Thanks girly!

 Option One:

Option Two:

Beautiful Sara !

 THanks! Juliee! It means ALOT!

Lovely Claire


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