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Welcome to Misuto's Banner Boutique!

Please take a look around and possibly order!


Please state what type of graphic (banner, profile pic, etc.), pictures, and quotes, and or anything else that is needed. It is a great help if you could tell me what sort of mood/colors you would like.

I use mainly websites when I create my banners. I use pizap, picnik, lunapic, pixlr, and other websites that I can find.


Examples Of My Work:

Note: I can get you pictures if you would like. I don't mind.

Please order! :)


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No orders?? -sigh...- Oh well.

Any orders today, perhaps?

Ello Pyre :)

Lyric Banners:

Title of song-Thunder

Lyrics-You voice is the soundtrack of my summer


Anything else?-



hehe lol...I think I will have to listen to it now!

Title of song- What's Left of Me is Yours to Keep

Lyrics-  Only with you, What's left of is yours to keep, what's left of me is yours

Artist- Bless The Fall


(Cna you only use the people in the picture please.? like cut them out and just use them.?)

Anything else?-

I will try and get it done tomorrow. Right now I'm tired! XD
Sorry it took so long!!!
i love it thanks Pyre.! :)

You're welcome! :)

i have one!

title: tragedy strikes

quote: like a present day romeo and juliet.....

summary: olivia and justin are the couple no one wouldve thought about. hes a skater from the bad end of town, and shes a spoiled, rich girl.  they fall in love somehow, but their parents are against it from the start. "you dont belong with those street rat types." her parents would say.  "no good ever comes from rich girls."  his would say.  "they just dont get it!" they both thought. when all else fails, trust of their parents disappear, annd so they must sneak around to see each other. they just dont know how it will end. (this is nto EXACTLY like romeo and juliet, so never expect what youve heard happpened to them)

need this by: doesnt matter preferably tonight, because i have to stay up forever anyway cuz of a medical reason, so i have nothing better to do




could you put the skateboard near justin?




could you put the pearls near olivia?
I'm on it.. :)


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