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This is totally not graphic related but...

The Vampire Diaries is back on tv!!!

I watched it instead of Glee since I couldn't stand the suspense of not knowing how Elena turned out!! :)

It's really hard to talk about how amazing the episode was without giving spoilers!! ARRGH!!!

STELENA!!! This is my second favourite ship and they're back together!! Woohoo!!

Delena isn't over, at least I don't think that they are since Julie and Kevin have so many story lines to work out between with them.

Poor, poor Bonnie and Matt and Rebekah also. I feel so bad for them :(

You know I spent season 2 hating Nik and season 3 liking him but what he did for Caroline just made me love him even more even if he's the bad guy!

The ending!! I wonder who made the pastor did that?

Now I have to wait another week for a new episode!! GAH!!

I know!!!

I was going insane for the first episode

And now....

I have to wait ANOTHER WEEK!!!!!!

For some reason, I dont really like vampire Elena

She freaks me out

Hey, but Elena and Damon are doing something in the next episode

Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! I'm not a patient person but every episode is totally worth the wait!

Its too early to tell if I'm going like her as a vampire...maybe in a couple of weeks.

It looks like she's feeding off him instead of a blood bag or compelling a human and then feeding, anyway...

Can't wait for Thursday!!

I don't know what happen with this :(




Thank you!

Broken Arrow -Pixie Lott

Amazingly Gorgeous!


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