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Welcome to my Graphic Gallery!

I will feature graphics of mine that I really like so everyone can see them without the hassle of scrolling page by page through my banner shop.

I'll also post stocks that I come across and other little titbits which may or may not be graphic related.

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My deviantArt

Credit is required for anything that you snag!!

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I love this texture!

SO pretty!

Both of them!

I love the colors in the second one!

Thanks Claire!

I noticed that I used gradients a lot and I wanted to keep the colours of the original photos so no gradient was used in the second graphic and I think I will be giving gradients a break for a while with the exception of textures! :)

I can't wait to see what all you come up with!

So I'm thinking of a new face claim and I'm thinking of using Alyson Stoner. I really like her in Camp Rock 1 and 2, Step Up 3D and of course as Isabella on Phineas and Ferb! 

What do you guys think?

I like your face claim as Bridgit, but I like Alyson Stoner too!

They both suit you!

This is gorgeous by the way!

Thanks Claire!

I'm crushing on him!!!


Are you still entering Banner Battle?

I am posting voting for it and I only need you and Ellie's entries :)


I messaged you. :)

Cut by Plumb

This is so beautiful Rachel!

Thanks Claire!


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