The Twilight Saga

(Originally created by Minn on TFG)


Here when you post one graphic at a time someone will rate your graphic. They will say what they like about it, how you can improve, and give an overall score out of 10.



If you want yours to get done faster, try rate someone else's.

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Thanks AATT, I will go check those out in a few. Lol. I am iin the middle of cleaning my room and making a banner for another competition. Thank you though for the suggestions. :). xx

I HAAAATE that the text cut off, but what do you guys think.? "Lost in Darkness" is a song by Escape the Fate (Don't know them.? GO CHECK EM' OUT.!). I absolutely love the song, and the picture of the girl I found while searching for pictures to use in the Flash Competition thingy. The Theme was Fairies(sp.?), and that picture poped up. SO, I had to use it :) lol. I know it is kind of hard to see her, but that is kind of how I wanted it. I wanted it like that so that she would fit with the text more. LOST IN DARKNESS.



Very cute Kate.! I'm not one for bright things, although I do make bright banners lol, but this is stunning. Simple-ish, but gorgeous. I love it.


Dislikes: I do this love, but one thing I would say is maybe use a different font. The sparkles, or whatever you used give Taylor more of a wimsical(sp.?) effect to me. So maybe pick a font that goes along with that better.


Over-All: 9.7/10

Okeii, well, this is my first attempt at vampire-izing since Picnik is closing. I have been trying to decide on whether to use Pizap or my program on my computer (Arc soft.). So here is a mix of the two.:




(I know the skin tone is not right, I am currently working on that.)

Thanks Kate :)


I'm a beginner on GIMP, any feedback is appreciated :D

Thank you so much :D I'll work on it

(click for full size)


I love it :)


Likes: Neat cutting, beautiful fonts :)


Dislikes: It's a bit too...light. Maybe darken the background a bit and brighten the font a bit more. Not too much, but just a little. Other than that this is great :)


Over-All Rating: 9.6/10

Well, I recently got GIMP to finally download onto my laptop, and no this is not all made on GIMP. I am still learning to blend and do layer and etc. I mostly used paint brushes and such on these. :)

(The two below is Black Butler for those of you who don't know the show :) )

(I used the spark brush(idk if thats the right name, and then set it to burn for her hair on the picture below :) )


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