The Twilight Saga

(Originally created by Minn on TFG)


Here when you post one graphic at a time someone will rate your graphic. They will say what they like about it, how you can improve, and give an overall score out of 10.



If you want yours to get done faster, try rate someone else's.

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Thank you. You are my guardian angel and I will miss you more.

Oooh. Can someone rate my graphic?

Looks amazing Kara :D

this is really good


I'll give it a 10

I love this! It's so simple and I am a big fan of PINK. *Laughs* anyways, everything is good here. I know I'm not much a graphic maker and at times my opinion on graphics are not as well as debra's, Minnie's, Mieke's and other high ranked graphic designers.

I like how the words are popped out of the picture.  Awesome!

Sorry guys I just saw Anna created a discussion similar to this. I will be closing this one.
Can we bring this back?
Yeah, its cool. :_

Someone wanna rate my graphic I made this with gimp a few months back what do you think :D

hmmm lets see....


I get the concept of the graphic but i think your signiture couls stand to be a little bigger

other than that its and awesome graphic

Aww Thank you


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