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Hiya,Im Sara Renee Ackles~Winchester. But you can just call me Sara. :) 

I started design graphics about a year or two ago. I was terrible it was just not pretty to look at. But I improved over time and learned from my mistakes. I entered competitions that helped alot too. Its frustrating and fun at the sometime. I use GIMP. I LOVE IT! I honestly don't want Photoshop, cause I am to comfortable with Gimp.

I am a Junior at an High School. I am 17. I have siblings. Im a middle child. I have three bestfriend that without I'd be a very lost teenager.

P.S My Obsessions Are Down There.






His Sarcasm :D

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Did you make these gifs yourself girly?!

Yup,With Photoscape,lol

SO neat!!!

Thank you, I trying to find a program that will let make actual ones. Thats FREE!

Haha I know what you mean! Finding good free software is so hard!

GIMP has an extension that you can download to make them though, it's a little difficult to use, but it works!

This is beautiful!

Thank you


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