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Welcome to my Graphic Extravaganza.! Take a look around, and order anything if you'd like.



♥Andii Marie Sixx♥

(My real name is Tiffany, but I would prefer you call me Andii Marie Sixx, or just Andii, lol. Thanks.!)



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Lyric/Band Banners:

Breathe Carolina

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New Ones coming soon.! Just got GIMP onto  my laptop and I'm practicing with it.




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No It's perfect thank you :D
np glad you like it...well them lol :)

Hiya! Could I please have a profile pic? 

Name: Lindsay Pearce

Font color: Any, I don't mind(:

Thanksss!! ~Lindsay xo

i will get started now :)




any new orders?
Yesh!! It's amazing! Thanks :)

Band/Artist: Mayday Parade

Lyric Quoet: Because these words were never easier for me to say
Or her to second guess
But I guess
That I can live without you but
Without you I'll be miserable at best


getting started now :)


and i love mayday parade!

Haha me too, them and Breathe Carolina are my two favorite bands!
BC is awesome! lol do u listen to botdf?
Yerp to both!!


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