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Welcome to my Graphic Extravaganza.! Take a look around, and order anything if you'd like.



♥Andii Marie Sixx♥

(My real name is Tiffany, but I would prefer you call me Andii Marie Sixx, or just Andii, lol. Thanks.!)



Order Form:

Type of Grahpic~



Anything Extra~

Pictures (no more than 5 please)~



Lyric/Band Banners:

Breathe Carolina

Charcter(or Couple)/Story Banners:

Text on GIFs: 


New Ones coming soon.! Just got GIMP onto  my laptop and I'm practicing with it.




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Yes!! It's beautiful!! Thank you so much!!

@escaily_wishing on a star , Yes/No/Edit.?

I made two versions. There isn't much difference except for maybe one picture. Let me know what you think.



and then the second one:


©'[ρσℓιcε.gιяℓ]'™, Yes/No/Edit.?


Type of Grahpic~ Profile Photo and Banner

Text~ L. Lawliet

Anything Extra~ Dark feeling

Pictures (no more than 5 please)~

Just have The one with Black hair and the Word Death Note

@©'[ρσℓιcε.gιяℓ]'™, Yes/No/Edit.?



and then the banner. It's the same just larger. I hope that's what you wanted. :)




Whatcha guys think.? (:

I love Bless The Fall<3

Well, I recently got GIMP to finally download onto my laptop, and no this is not all made on GIMP. I am still learning to blend and do layer and etc. I mostly used paint brushes and such on these. :)

(The two below is Black Butler for those of you who don't know the show :) )

(I used the spark brush(idk if thats the right name, and then set it to burn for her hair on the picture below :) )

hi i loved the cover you did for me..remember i told you i would be ordering some character banners?..well here we go, i hope it isnt too much trouble so since they are a bunch i will first ask you to do the girls...and then after you finish i'll ask for the boys ok?... when do the banner include their power...and a quoute from the character..

here we go

name: Ashlynn

gift: bookpathy

Quoute: seeing book characters is a rolercoaster, half of the time its fun, the other half they drive me crazy

next is my seccond lead

name: Ekatherina "ekat" Cross

Gift: Healer, or more acurrately "soulpath"

Quoute: whoever said healers couldn't fight, just never had the chance to meet me

ok these are the first two.. a little background about them well ashlynn can see book characters, she has been doing so all her life, she's really spunky and entusiastic, beause her "chara" normally talk her ears off with jokes and stuff, but she also deals with having to see them in the halls and in school, and being looked at funny because she always seems to be talking to the wall, she has never met someone who can do what she does so she feels pretty alone sometimes because her best friends are not even real...she was always too sheltered and never really conected with kids her age, still, she's kind, but has a hard time trusting people.

Ekat is the sister of William, the main male role, she had a soul transplant, and has never fully being able to get over it, in her previous life she was Lacy a cute little blonde healer, typical spoilt little sister, but she was betrayed wich led to the death of her brother Henry, and she and Will only survived because Lucian and Ivanka saw their souls still alive and inserted them in the bodies of his own twins (who where born souless), while Will got over having a diferent body pretty quick, now as Ekatherina, she swore to get revenge on the people who led her the ambush where she died, so she trained with her new mother to be good at fighting...and now, she's ready, she hides this from Will because she doesnt want him to know...

so that is if you wanted some type of background to work with...thanks for helping me

@escaily_wishing on a star , Yes/No/Edit.?


(Main texture credit, Eva)



Lyric Banner:

(800 by 600)

Name Of Band:Coldplay

Name Of Song: (optional)Princess of china

Quote From Song: Once upon a time we fell apart You're holding in your hands the two halves of my heart

or:  I could have been a princess, you'd be a king Could have had a castle and worn a ring

Other: none

Photo(s): (Please no small photos I WILL ask for others!)= i dont mind what ever comes to mind that would suite it .

(800 by 600)

Name Of Band: Taylor Swift

Name Of Song: (optional) Safe and Sound  

Quote From Song:

just close your eyes
you’ll be alright
come morning light,
you and i’ll be safe and sound…

Other: can you put the initials M.D and J.B BFF`s

Photo(s): (Please no small photos I WILL ask for others!):






 any of those.....


but i want these four in it.




can you please make me these lyric banners.   


please and thank you from Sam :D

@Sam Jones, Yes/No/Edit.?



(I wasn't too sure what to do with the one below, so, sorry if it isn't what you were expecting.)


They are both BRILIANT... for the bottom one could you make it purple instead of red??? please

Thank you so much..


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