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Welcome to my Graphic Extravaganza.! Take a look around, and order anything if you'd like.



♥Andii Marie Sixx♥

(My real name is Tiffany, but I would prefer you call me Andii Marie Sixx, or just Andii, lol. Thanks.!)



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Lyric/Band Banners:

Breathe Carolina

Charcter(or Couple)/Story Banners:

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New Ones coming soon.! Just got GIMP onto  my laptop and I'm practicing with it.




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New Pictures :). Which One looks better.? If the snow effect doesn't work on the first one, try to click on it and see if it shows up. It shouldn't if it doesn't appear on here at first.




I almost forgot this one Lol :0xx

Any new orders.???

I love you colorings before and after, they're really great!!

Juliet here is a larger one also

Thanks Eva :)

I wasn't sure what size you wanted

It's kwl. I really do like it though. You did a great job Eva. I especially like the pictures you added. They look great with the other ones. :) Hey. I just made a Lyric banner (i still need to upload it) and was wonder if you would mind taking a look at it. I'm too sure on how it looks. I need some critisim(sp.?) on it. If not that is kwl. :) I'm just wondering (//_^) xx

Sure I'll look at it :)

You want to send it to me before you post it??

Actually I just posted it lol. I posted it to the Rate My Graphic discussion. Lol. I was posting a few more on there so i figured why not add this one along. Haha. It is the first on the comment though. :) Thanks for looking at for me Eva. i appriciate it. :) xx


Text: Elena: You and I... we have something... an understanding, and I know that my betrayal hurt you, different from how it is with you and Stefan, but I'm promising this now: I will help you get Katherine back.

Extra: anthing u think it need.




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