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Welcome to my Graphic Extravaganza.! Take a look around, and order anything if you'd like.



♥Andii Marie Sixx♥

(My real name is Tiffany, but I would prefer you call me Andii Marie Sixx, or just Andii, lol. Thanks.!)



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Breathe Carolina

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New Ones coming soon.! Just got GIMP onto  my laptop and I'm practicing with it.




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I couldn't figure out how to fit the fangs in. I hope this is some what close to what you wanted.


yep! Its Perfect!

Glad you like it :)

any new orders.?!?

hi can you make me a banner for the fanfiction of a friend of mine (its a surprise by the way)

title: Of Time and the Snorkack

Sumary: One moment you are 27 the next 9 again . What would you change after all everyone lived happily ever after didn't they? No pairings to start. A Luna Lovegood time travel tale.

Quoute:what do you do when one simple change could cause peace..or chaos

here are the pictures

can you include Luna's pictures in the big image, and take uout the part that says prisioner of askaban pretty pleaseeee....the link is there if you want to get a feel of my friend's story =) hope you dont have any problems

OKeii, so some of the photos wouldn't load right, but here is what I came up with. Hope it's okeii. If not let me know what I can do to change it :)



Any new orders.!??!?!?

thank you for the banner i loved was so nice.. cookies for you

me too.!



If you would like to see any new works, please check out my Gallery.!

wow you changed your username again? what brought that on, now i had to look everywhere to find your banner shop again, lucky i had you in my history... so i want a new banner and since you did one for me last time i thought i'd post another order here...(you asked for that too)


title: the heart of Spring

subtitle: perhaps i would have kept my promise, if you hadn't broken yours

quote: when someone hurts you so deeply would you give him another chance?


Sumary: Hades and Persephone where once inlove, the king and queen of the dead, but everything changed the day the godess of spring returned to the underworld earlier than planed to find her love in the arms of aphrodite, prefering to die rather than live a eternity with a cheating husband Persephone jumps into the river of lost souls, but just in time to save her, the necklace the titan cronus gave her at birth activates itself...year 2012, Stephanie Greene is a young College student, adopted, her foster parents found her as a baby in a river near athens when working as archeologists in Greece, she spends her life traveling to sunny countries because she has a medical condition that makes her very ill if exposed to winter weather, everything in her life is perfect untill she goes to see her foster mother in the Greek Olympus Faculty, it was supposed to a honor to be giving a lecture on Greek Archeology there especially since people at the Olympus faculty where usually very secretive, what Stephanie doesnt expect to find there is a strange boy at the parking lot, he looks ark, and dagerous, but familar, still why does Haden Darke make her feel as though she where forgetting something, or maybe, what her subcouncious is really doing is trying NOT to remeber.


Persephone as queen

now this is Hades.. kind of the underworld version


now for their modern versions here is Stephanie

aaaaaand Haden


 i know those are alot of pictures but deal with dont have to use them all i'm just providing variety, because i love srah bolger and ben barnes, i would cast them as edward and bella if it where up to me because i think they are the best male female pairing there is.... but back to the banner the only picture i really insist on youusing is the little one, where you see Persephone crying, the rest well it's entirely up to you i'll look forward to seeing the final product, i'm sure it will make me very happy...


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