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Welcome to my Graphic Extravaganza.! Take a look around, and order anything if you'd like.



♥Andii Marie Sixx♥

(My real name is Tiffany, but I would prefer you call me Andii Marie Sixx, or just Andii, lol. Thanks.!)



Order Form:

Type of Grahpic~



Anything Extra~

Pictures (no more than 5 please)~



Lyric/Band Banners:

Breathe Carolina

Charcter(or Couple)/Story Banners:

Text on GIFs: 


New Ones coming soon.! Just got GIMP onto  my laptop and I'm practicing with it.




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Character Banner:

 Story Title; Maybe a Little magic

Charcters Name: Flora

Font Color *optional*:A lit blue would be nice but you can chose

Quoet *optional*;He clearly never forgot you...

Looks:If you need more or another photo ask I have more.



Okeii i will get started on it thnks for the order =)

here is the link let me know what you think. i can try to make a better one if you dont like this one =)

Hey Scarlet for an easier way to post the graphics you should get an account at

Its really easy to do and if you need help with it just let me know.
thnks for the advice, but idk if im allowed on photbucket. im barely allowed on her but thnks anyways =)
ok lol np

Title: Fences

Quoet:"How could He simply forget me?"

Main Character(s): Savannah&Brandon&Wynter

Font Color *Optional*: darkly grayy& white

Pictures(no more then 5):

((chacters: Brandon, wynter,savvy-top to bottom,, Please and thank you!!!)

okeii i am getting started on it now =)
Thanks! :D
i am a little confused which of the last two pictures do i use? or can i just use one of the last two?
yeah just use one of them

okeii here is the link to ur picture let me know what you think. i can try to make a better one if you dont like it =)




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