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Hello dolls I'm "K". I'm known for playing Kyung here on this page and as well as being one of the main typists for Blockbuster. I'm male and enjoy acting like a gaylittleshiz so haha. I'm mainly a coder though I do also make graphics as well. Both designs on Blockbuster and Maknae's pages are edited by myself.  Other than that there's nothing that important to say so I guess I'll be leaving you ready to tell me what it is that you will need and making a few request forms as necessary. I'm new at this so please be nice? I don't bite. Or at least I try not to?

Rules for Ordering: Codes
1. Give me something to work with, tell me what you want it for if its for a page then tell me how you want it set up and what you would like where
2. Give me a color scheme to work with or else I'll make it monochrome.
3. Please make sure to tell me dimension sizes (remember width can be no larger than 520px for pages and 800 for discussions).
4. I do HTML code but not BB code (I'm just starting to learn BB code) so please don't ordr for stuff outside TTS because I won't do it.
5. If you want pictures in it give them to me please! I won't go find them myself I'm too lazy to do that stuff.
6. Orders won't necessarily be filled every day. When I get around to them I will do them.

Rules for Ordering: Graphics

1. Don't Give me small pictures. I will ignore your order if you do. Honestly they are tiring to work with and no one has time for that stuff anyway. Also they make it look bad quality so what the heck?
2.  Orders wont necessarily be filled every day. When I get around to them, I will do them.
3. I do a bunch of different things make sure to fill out the right thing for what you want. I won't do the same order twice for different things if you ordered the wrong thing isn't my fault doll.
4. Extra is required not optional you must tell me how you want the graphic to look like so I can give you something similar to what you want. Alright? Customer satisfaction is important.

- ~ - ~ - ~ -

Secret [ s ] are as Follow [ s ]

Graphic Secrets

Profile Pictures | 300x300

Title In Picture : Yes or No?
    : If title : Put desired title Here
Colors wanted :
Image Wanted :
Extra :

Story/Roleplay Banners | 800x250
Quote: Optional

Character Profiles | 500x500 or 500x600
Character Name:
Information Wanted on Profile:

Coding Secrets

Bio Codes (for Single Character RP Pages) | 520x(height)
Height Wanted:
Profile Layout:
Columns or Rows/How Many:

Community Codes (for Group RP Pages) | 520x(height)
Height Wanted:
How Many Characters:
Profile Layout:
Do You want Columns and Rows:

Single Codes (for non-rp Pages) | 520x(height)
Height Wanted:
Profile Layout:

Story Codes (for roleplay discussions) | 720x(height)
Height Wanted:
How Much Info Needed to Fit:
How Many Character Slots:
Columns and Rows?: 

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2 Character Page; Stamp (Can be modified for more characters);

" quote here quote here quote here "
name; title
age | occupation
"short quote by character"
Name; title
age | occupation
"short quote by character"
anything else can go here - make sure the character quotes  are just one line or the coding will get off balance don't remove credit and make suer to add a quote up above in the header!  wooot yay~
edited by k of maknae

Single Character Page; Joey:

" quote goes here "
name | age | occupation
" voicemail or quote."
character INFORMATION goes here.
edited by k of maknae


These are some pretty cool codes! ^-^

Haha not really >> TTS only does simple HTML not even HTML2 so it limits the creative stuff but thank you`~

Gah I juts Love your Codes :) 

I've been starting to learn the Codes for Things like these but yours are a 100 time better then mine :D 

Aw don't worry it's just practice you'll be better than me in no time!

I don't know about being better but I hope to get at least close to where you are :) 

where do you normally post your codes?

Well I don't normally post them - usually I make them for personal use on invisionfree sites on or here for tts this is the first time I've even posted examples. 


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