The Twilight Saga

Again, a super easy comp!

Just pick any song from any soundtrack of any movie or television show and make any type of graphic you want!

Have fun!

* Reminder

There needs to be at least six entries total to vote!

This comp ends on October 5th!

That is almost one month! 

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This is gorgeous Eva!

I didn't know that this song was on a soundtrack! What soundtrack is it from?

Love the idea! So many ideas are now flying to my mind :)

SO great!!! I cannot wait to see what you cook up Juliee! =DD

On My Own - Les Miserables


Rules - Jayme Dee from THG soundtrack. <3

Little Fall of Rain - Les Miserables

Love this banner SO much girly!

This comp needs at least TWO move entries to be valid for voting!

Ends tonight at 8 PM EST.


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