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Hello, and welcome to where you can share textures!

Please remember not to post anything that isn't your work and is copyrighted.

If there is anything that requires credit, please CLEARLY STATE that it does.




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Made this a long time ago! I had forgotten I even had it!

Anyways, this texture *REQUIRES CREDIT*


Absolutely stunning, Edith!

Thanks Anna

Those are awesome I especially love the first and third:)

Thanks Christine


No Problem:)
cool stuff here!

Interesting fact related to copyright infringement... layering photographs to create what is known at least here as textures was developed to conceal utilization of copyrighted photos, although many contend that derivative or transformative work is fair use.

Anyway, the following were created from three photos. One of my own photos--my boot prints--and the others from royalty free sources. Crediting me with the use of either pics is not necessary. The blueing of the second version was created using a digital photo filter; if you would like other colors and cannot create them yourself, let me know and I colorize this to your specs. (click pic to see actual size) I can also remove the red stains, since it was drawn on a separate layer. Just ask.


For that matter... I have a camera so if you need or want metal, wood, fabric, earthen and other textures. I don't mind taking pics for people.




I absolutely love these, Annie! I really wish I could start doing my own photography to make "stocks" on my own. I'll have to try to invest in a better camera and start doing that soon. I'll definitely ask you if I need anything, I always seem to use plain ol' google as my resource for everything!

Some of the best photos for creating stocks are made on cell phones. I bet you're cell will make great stocks.


(mostly I'm a repository of useless knowledge... want to know how to fix a toaster? install a water pump on a Datsun (yes pre-Nissan) 240z? test the stream behind your house for pollutants? like I said mostly useless stuff)


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