The Twilight Saga


This challenge is open to all members of TGG (The Graphic Guild) only.

The rules you ask? They are simple. You must make a graphic that only uses text and brushes. No images allowed!

ALSO! To be fair, there will be two winners that are professional artists, and three winners that are either beginners or intermediate (one in this category must be a beginner)

Okay, those are the rules.

Happy Gimping, Photoshoping, and Paintshopproing!


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Are gradients allowed? I use them a lot as a sort of canvas. 

Yeah. I'll accept gradients. ^-^

Mmmmkay, how many entries allowed? 

Will try to enter at some point... but it seems I never have a lot of brushes in my storage, so hopefully I'll be able to work something out! (: usually has good brushes.

I know, that's where I usually get all of mine, considering I have my own dA and all. X3

This sounds fun :)

I have to think of something

oh Im in,:)

This is meant to show the theme of deep winter.Frozen


Whoa! It came out nicely Raven!

Thank you Nikki x

No problem ^-^


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