The Twilight Saga


Over all best

1st place Claire

2nd Place Kelsey/Nikki

3rd JulieeBean

4th Leah


Favorite Colors

1st Leah [Song Bird]

1st Kelsey [There for you]

1st Juliee [A little less then sixteen candles]

2nd All other nominations


Favorite Song

1st Chasing Cars / Mary’s Song

2nd All other Nom.

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Replies to This Discussion

would this work for this comp.?


Yes it would :D
yay lol :D

entry two:

photo edited for free at <a rel=nofollow" border="0"/>

>=O I LOVE that song!!!


*puts comp under list of things to do*


Haha its also on my growning list of weekend plans

i love those songs guys! :D

my thrid entry *sniffle...* my last entry allowed :( lol xD

AllAroundMe ~Flyleaf♥

lovely.... is that an orange in the texture?

Well im actually not sure. i layered two pictures and then a third. cut the rose and put the text. i rlly didnt do a teture i think. i really dont know the exact terms orwhatever for this stuff.


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