The Twilight Saga

The original comp was created by Juliee!

In this remake just create any type of graphic with romantic lyrics on it!

They can be sad, happy or anything in between as long as they're some form of romantic!

Feel free to use characters from any books, movies, TV shows, etc.

Unlimited Entries


Overall Best:

1. Rachelle's Lets Get Lost

2. Claire's The Reason

3. Kara's Clarity

Favorite Song:



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In the original my work was like. Horrible.

Hehe, hopefully I've improved since then, at least a little bit. :3


Mine was the exact same way!!! We were just graphic making babies back then though. :3

I think that you have definitely improved!!! 

Your work is always beautiful. <3

Awe I loved this comp :) 

Your right I was looking through my entries and wanted to hide from how bad they were. 

Nikki and Claire you guys have defiantly improved, which is saying something because i thought you guys were great from the start  

Wicked Game

[Click to See Full Size]

This looks FANTASTIC Juliee!!!

Who is the song by?

Chris Isaak  I think, I herd it off Pretty little lairs and saved it off a fan site so I'm not 100% sure who it is really by, but according to Google it's by Chris Isaak.

Clarity - Originally by Zedd, but I prefer the Sam Tsui version much better because it's more softer and romantic xx

I LOVE this song! I have not hear Sam Tsui's version! I'll have to look it up!

This banner is beautiful Kara!!!

Haven't made a graphic in forever gahhh

"Please Don't" by K.Will [ I actualy really like this music video and the banner kind of gives away the twist ending but who cares? it looks like crap anyway ~ ]

This is so cute Hunter!!!

It is NOT crap! I think you put this together really well!

I love the cracks and the font combo!!!

hah no it really needs improvement I,might just rework it but thank you mmhm your entry is like 100000% better

Bored and I like this comp so here's 2.0

"I'm Badboy" TriTops


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